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Regions: Mölndal

We create products and features that differentiate our clients from their competitors (differentiating technology) and turn these into high-value products (industrialized innovation).

CPAC Systems is passionate about turning differentiating technology into industrialized solutions for our end customers. Technology that generates new revenues and unique value creation of core products by challenging mature industries and value-chains. We want to improve the penetration of solutions that drive productivity but which are held back by expensive aftermarket solutions. True integration by the OEM will significantly bring down cost for the customer.

Working with system integration in safety critical control systems, we have a proven track record of developing and industrializing differentiating technology within maneuvering, automation, X-by-wire systems, and HMI. Our clients are global renowned brands within the commercial transport industry, both within and outside the Volvo Group.

Our corporate culture has been one of our key success factors. It is characterized by strong entrepreneurship, responsibility, openness and lack of prestige. To thrive here, we believe that you need to like working in a creative and fast paced environment with all its pros and cons.

CPAC Systems
Bergskroken 3
SE-431 37 Mölndal