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The team behind Life Inside. Upper road from the left: Jesper Forslund, Charles Sinclair, Julia Sjövall, Poyan Karimi. Sitting down from the left: Niklas Kekonius, Niklas Busck
The team behind Life Inside. Upper road from the left: Jesper Forslund, Charles Sinclair, Julia Sjövall, Poyan Karimi. Sitting down from the left: Niklas Kekonius, Niklas Busck

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Oddwork launches employee video SaaS platform Life Inside

As candidates increasingly request genuine insight into potential employers and their company cultures, Oddwork launches SaaS company and employee video storytelling platform Life Inside.

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining the right talent is crucial for many organisations, as candidates research potential employers more in-depth than ever before. According to LinkedIn, 75 % of candidates today research an employer's online presence and employer brand before deciding whether or not to apply. Meanwhile, the issue remains – the #1 obstacle for candidates exploring new career opportunities still boils down to not understanding what it's like to work in an organisation.

"Through the thousands of interviews our Talent Management teams conduct each year, we're able to follow how new candidate behaviors develop. We get in-depth insights into the type of questions that candidates ask about potential employers." says Charles Sinclair, co-founder of Life Inside and Head of Employer Branding at Oddwork. "Candidates today expect to understand much more about the career opportunity that is being offered to them and what type of company culture they'd be entering – before deciding to apply or not."

The ultimate Q&A for your employer brand 
To help candidates and employers find and engage with each other, employer branding and recruitment company Oddwork now launches employee video and storytelling platform Life Inside.

"We've seen how many employers struggle to communicate their cultures, employees, and opportunities effectively and authentically on their career sites, job ads and in social media. With Life Inside, we're able to bridge this communication gap whilst personalizing the candidate experience and supporting employers and candidates in finding each other,” says Charles Sinclair.

With its' Q&A video widget and searchable library, the video platform implements on career sites, landing pages, and job ads – contributing to increased conversion, time on site, and positive employer brand experience.

"The Q&A video format engages and connects candidates and employers. We've seen how companies generate hundreds, sometimes thousands, of views on their employee videos in just a couple of days, resulting in boosted engagement, conversion and increased time on site of up to 20 – 45 %," says Jesper Forslund, co-founder of Life Inside and COO at Oddwork.

Since the official launch in August, brands such as major Swedish food retailer group Axfood, marketplace Blocket, technology company Zenseact and autonomous robotics company Starship are already onboard.

"Life Inside is an amazing product that builds the employer brand in a very personal, professional and innovative way.", says Louise Bichler, Head of Recruitment and Employer Branding at Zenseact. "It allows candidates to get to know us and creates value every minute it's live on our career site."

Constant feedback from both employers and candidates

The Life Inside platform is under rapid expansion, with new features being added continuously based on feedback from both employers and candidates.

"Via Oddwork, we're fortunate to have direct access to the candidate market and many of the industry's most proactive employers. Understanding both perspectives allow us to develop Life Inside based on how companies' and candidates want to use and scale with the platform. We see an increasing number of companies realizing the potential of employee-generated video, why we're very excited about the journey onwards", says Niklas Kekonius, co-founder at Life Inside and Head of Business Development at Oddwork

The SaaS company Life Inside was founded in Sweden in 2021 by Charles Sinclair, Niklas Kekonius, Jesper Forslund and Poyan Karimi.

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Charles Sinclair

Charles Sinclair

Presskontakt Head of Employer Branding +46-704-220783
Julia Sjövall

Julia Sjövall

Presskontakt Head of Marketing Sverige +46-701419030

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