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Christian Ryen

Christian Ryen

Press contact COO +46702568414

Passion for Water Sustainability

Pharem is ​specialized in ​enzymatic ​treatment of ​wastewater to ​remove organic ​micro-pollutants.​

We use our ​broad ​biotechnology ​expertise to ​develop ​innovative ​enzymatic ​products which ​provide an ​effective means ​of removing ​organic ​pollutants in ​water ​environments. ​Our products ​are specifically ​developed to ​meet client ​needs for ​simple, ​effective ​solutions to ​tackle serious ​environmental ​issues within ​their ​operational ​scope. ​

Through close,​ ongoing ​collaboration ​with stakeholders,​ we are ​constantly ​working toward ​meeting ​customer’​s requirements ​and ​exceeding ​expectations by ​providing safe, ​innovative, and ​cost-efficient ​products to ​counteract the ​impact organic ​pollutants have ​on the ​environment. ​

Pharem Biotech AB
Forskargatan 20J
15136 Södertälje