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A spiritual trip, or welcome to SAMA

Helle Forum has been on a mind-blowing trip to France, visiting the newest member of our SLOWFASHIONhouse family, Marseilles based perfume company SAMA

Helle reports enthusiastically from SAMA country:

"If you expect all of this from your perfume: spiritual development, nourishment for your cells and movement towards balance and harmony, this is exactly what SAMA intends to bring you with their three totally natural, 84% organic eau de perfumes.

All based on the finest essential oils with the highest vibrations, handled with love, care and respect from harvest to fragrance composition.

Just like Tibetan monks are not allowed to collect herbs if they are not well (they might transfer their weakness to the plants), Sandrine and Mathieu who run SAMA are convinced that careful and loving handling is of the utmost importance for the beneficial impact and the energetic properties of the fragrances

Loup des Steppes is the fragrance of harmony, strength and confidence. A fragrance for leaders, as its name symbolizes. Its power helps you act on your own as well as to protect the group. Among the ingredients you find sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and ginger, the two latter roots with a very grounding power.

Deva des Fleurs is about personal development, softness and sensuality. A fragrance of creation, representing the feminine aspect – also in men (Sandrine and Mathieu have learned that creative men, designers and architects, often feel connected to Deva des Fleurs). It is composed with vanilla, sandalwood, frankincense and ylang-ylang among the main ingredients.

Jardin d'Iris gives confidence and serenity, and it sends an invitation to love. The iris garden symbolizes the meeting of the celestial and the earthy. The fragrance has an innate ability to open blockings, just as it is the fragrance of poetry and love, even physical. Among the fragrance oils you find essential oils of vanilla, sandalwood, spikenard jatamansi, néroli and iris.

All three fragrances have a feeling of "haute parfumerie," the classic perfumery art. In their work, Sandrine and Mathieu use the finest traditional principles and methods for extracting the essential oils from the flowers, such as "enfleurage" and distillation.

All oils are ethically sourced directly from producers in Afghanistan, Madagascar and Nepal, with full traceability and careful quality control."


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