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Tove Voss is the owner of Voss & Kompani, Tove is passionate about her work with Swedish Sami handicraft and she explains:

"For the past eleven years I have sold Swedish Sami handicrafts to the whole world, and the interest continues to grow. Handmade jewelry has a soul and is preferred and in demand.

The tin wire embroidery bracelets are inspired by traditional Sami dresses with embroidery in silver and gold. In the past they had to revert to the less expensive pewter wire and at the same time they started to make jewelry.
I´m happy that it is only the pewter wire they use now, a bracelet braided or embroidered with pewter wire on skin from reindeer and with a button in horn becomes more beautiful the more it's used, both leather and wire ages and just gets prettier.

Even today, a large part of the Sami population gets its income from reindeer husbandry.

Tove Voss has a close collaboration with a few craftspeople and for us it's a special pleasure to know that every time a customer orders a bracelet in the Voss & Kompani shop in SLOWFASHIONhouse, the order goes to the craftsperson and they make the bracelet specially for our costumer -


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