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Silver and plastic is truly the stuff dreams are made of.

She's a dreamy surrealist, Alidra Alić; the starting points of her work are handcrafted contemporary jewelry pieces, statements of art. To craft her collection she applies self-invented techniques, a rigorous and slow process. She works in materials like plastic and silver additionally incorporating freshwater pearls and precious stones as well as gold.

The contemporary collection is sold from Alidra's showroom in Copenhagen and from exhibitions at international galleries & museums.

The industrious, deeply passionate and highly targeted Alidra Alić André de la Porte was born in 1979. She came to Denmark from Bosnia together with her parents in 1993. Since then she has trained and educated herself in Italy and Denmark. I know Alidra from way back in Copenhagen since she worked with Lina Christensen in her workshop for a period.

Now she is to be found next door to Lina in SLOWFASHIONhouse with her fine jewelry collection, a derived series of wearable pieces in silver: plain, oxidized and gold plated.

The fine jewelry collections are named "flowers" and "interpretations". I love her interpretations finger rings, love them for their simultaneous historical references and humorous distance to their own refinement – very, very beautiful yet looking like something you just pulled from a bubblegum machine…

                                                                                                                            Rigetta Klint

photo:Katrine Rohrberg


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