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Finland’s Grapho Game wins the Nordic-Baltic Edtech semifinals in the Global Edtech Startup Awards

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Finland’s Grapho Game wins the Nordic-Baltic Edtech semifinals in the Global Edtech Startup Awards

Grapho Game took home the regional semifinals in the world’s largest edtech startup competition and received the commendation and prize from Johanna Sumuvuori, State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Finland, at yesterday’s Xcited event in Helsinki.

Grapho Game, an early literacy game made by scientists, will now represent the Nordic-Baltic edtech scene at the finals in January 2022.

The jury highlights the motivations on why they awards Grapho Game the number one spot: A research based service addressing a clear pain point where 250 mil people don't know how ro read also giving important data points för countries to understand the concept. Their narrow vertical and not being curriculum specific makes it scalable.

The Jury

Titta Mantila - a managing director at Oppiva Invest

Jarkko Elo - an enterprise account manager for education in nordics at AWS

Keith Fransson - an investor, senior advisor and entrepreneur

Märt Aro - an education innovation system orchestrator representing N8 and Edtech Estonia

Edtech is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, where the need for educational solutions has never been higher. The Nordic and Baltic edtech scene is flourishing and we have many promising and exciting entrepreneurs in our countries, ready to take a position as the best and most competitive in the world. With an internationally renowned education system, good at developing future skills like collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship, we have all the ingredients needed to be the home for the next edtech supernova. Our finalist is a great example of this.

About GESA:

Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) is an initiative led by a group of leading education innovation organizations from across the world. The Awards identifies, showcases and recognizes the world's most promising EdTech startups of the year and semifinals take place all over the world. The Global Finals will take place in London in 2022. https://www.globaledtechawards.org/

About XcitED:

XcitED is a yearly edtech conference that gathers together education professionals, edtech entrepreneurs, impact investors and innovators from all around the world. This year’s XcitED was held at Helsinki Education Hub on the 30th of November. https://www.xcited.org/

The Nordic-Baltic Semifinals was hosted by xEdu, and co-arranged by Edtech Denmark, Edtech Finland, N8, Edtech Estonia and Swedish Edtech Industry.

All the Nordic-Baltic Semifinalists:

Astrid Education https://www.astrideducation.com/ - meaningful storytelling with an engaging AI-powered learning journey to help kids and teens around the world become fluent, confident English speakers.(Sweden)

CanopyLab https://canopylab.com/ - A social learning platform and community powered by AI. (Denmark)

Grapho Group https://www.graphogame.com/index.html - The early literacy game made by scientists. (Finland)

Hypocampus https://cortexio.com/ - A study platform streamlining the learning process. (Sweden)

iSpeak App https://www.ispeak.app/ - Learn English with short interactive videos from the best teachers around the globe.(Lithuania)

Peaqs https://peaqs.com/ - a high level learning game platform that combines a project development process with a virtual stock market engine for real-time valuation and peer feedback. (Denmark)

Skolon https://skolon.com/en/landing-page/ - With all your digital resources in one place, Skolon is the easiest way to work digitally at school.(Sweden)

WecoPlay https://wecoplay.com/ - Play and learn, a collection of learning games and activities for large interactive screens. (Denmark)



Swedish Edtech Industry är en ideell förening och branschorganisation som verkar för att Sverige skall bli det ledande på att använda och utveckla teknologi för att stärka lärande och oss som kunskapsnation. Föreningen verkar för en fri och sund marknad, som säkerställer innovation och tillväxt, bygger kunskap i och utanför nätverket och driver kvalitetsfrågor. Branschföreningen vänder sig till edtech-bolag som har det formella utbildningssystemet som marknad, från förskola upp till och med universitet, liksom näringsliv och individ.


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Jannie Jeppesen

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