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Satanic Togas
Satanic Togas

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Hell Hath Fury! Satanic Togas to Release Split 7″ with Zoids Via Goodbye Boozy Records

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Satanic Togas are readying a split 7″ with Zoids due out June 11th via Goodbye Boozy Records. The Sydney, Australia-based outfit delivers lo-fi sonic deviance on their pair of cuts, “Strange Attraction” and “Unaware.” Low-frills glam meets scuzz punk attitude as these fellas lay waste to prog-rock profligacy in just two minutes. 

Reprobate Media · Satanic Togas - Strange Attraction b/w Unaware

Recorded by Satan himself in December of 2020, this 7″ begs the question of whether hell hath fury like that of the punks from down under.

And in the other corner of the ring, crawling from the Italian underground most filthy sewers, the insane masters of the European grimy, lumpy noisy-punk, Zoids. The only winner will be the one who gets one of the copies of this super limited and unhinged limited split 7" release.

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