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David R Edwards
David R Edwards

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Legendary Welsh experimental duo Datblygu reissue first two albums on vinyl

Datblygu, (Welsh for 'progress', 'evolution' and/or 'development') was started in 1982 while David R. Edwards was still at school in Aberteifi, Ceredigion. At first it was him and instrumentalist T Wyn Davies, before Patricia Morgan joined in 1984.

Datblygu's music was, as their name suggests, often experimental. In their time they played in such diverse styles as disco, country, nursery rhymes, crooning and just about anything else. The NME described them as "Kraftwerk with a hangover". Their debut EP Hwgr Grawth-Og was released in 1986 on Anhrefn. The following year they recorded the first of five John Peel sessions.

Datblygu · Wyau

The band's attitude towards the artistic bourgeoisie and politicians in Wales liberated a whole generation of bands who certainly owe a debt to the pioneering work done by the band. They were, in their own words, "non conforming non-conformists".

Datblygu's first full album, Wyau (Eggs), was released in 1988, and was a forum for Edwards' poetic side to impress itself in a more throwaway rap style. Songs such as Mynwent (Graveyard) and 23 were prime examples of the lyrical dexterity for which he was becoming renowned.

Datblygu · Pyst

Wyau was followed by Pyst (Post) in 1990, an album which continued the tradition of sharp social comment ("socialising is a cattle market") on alternative, unconventional tunes such as Cymryd Mewn Sioe (Take In A Show) and Ugain i Un (Twenty To One). Musically accessible, it's come to be regarded as Datblygu's finest collection.

When you hear Datblygu, you hear the language as a living, breathing, snorting beast – something which fizzes and rages and soothes.

David R. Edwards on Welsh Language:
" I’m biased because it’s my first language, but I do think it’s a more beautiful language than English; it works well for lyrics and poetry. And I feel that I can say more in Welsh than I can using English."

Musical Influences:
"The Beatles, Sex Pistols and The Fall were the main three for me. But then there was also Welsh groups like a Cardigan band called Ail Symudiad, who were big at the time, and also somebody called Malcolm Neon who was doing a lot of the more experimental stuff."

They influenced the likes of Super Furry Animals, Country Teasers, The In Out and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.

Their first two albums Wyau and Pyst have just been reissued on vinyl by cult-adored Italian DIY label Hate Records.

The group feature prominently in a new documentary about Country Teasers and their riotous 1995 Euro tour with The Oblivians.

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