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Australian hyper-punks Ghoulies to release “Reprogram” EP via Goodbye Boozy Records

Ghoulies hail from Perth, Australia, and they play a frenetic brand of synth-punk on their upcoming Goodbye Boozy EP effort, Reprogram,” due out May 21st. The group includes Aborted Tortoise and Kitchen People members, so you can expect plenty of art freaky weirdness here. 

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Clocking in with seven songs in under ten minutes, “Reprogram”‘s brevity might just be a function of its calamitous intensity. Head spinning synth lines add to the circus atmosphere while sugar-pill punk drives the group’s surrealistic mayhem into overdrive. This EP might sound somethin’ like a thirteen tricycle pile-up under an exploding piñata, but the band’s caustic wit should be disclaimer enough against eating their candy.

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