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​Tengai Unbiased in Validation Study by Renowned Psychometric Professor

Press release   •   Jul 19, 2019 09:11 CEST

Tengai Unbiased - The Social Job Interview Robot

Recruitment tool and interview robot Tengai Unbiased is conducting a validation study. The study will scientifically evaluate how consistent and accurate the robot interview analytics are. It is also designed to measure effectiveness, objective interview methodology, and results to ensure client satisfaction. The research starts in the Summer of 2019 and is conducted by Associate Professor Anders Sjöberg, CEO at Psychometrics Sweden AB.

Tengai is programmed with a diversity and inclusion software to evaluate each applicant's interview answer in an objective way without applying any previous knowledge about the candidate.

Validation Study

Tengai is now entering the next phase of its product development by conducting a validation study. The study will validate the robot’s unbiased interview methodology and results. The purpose is to understand how the robot’s unbiased software interprets candidates answers during a job interview and how that correlates with consistency and reliability.

The robot interview is a tool for recruiters and hiring managers to mitigate their bias in job interviews and thereby make better hiring decisions. The psychometric study will show evidence of how Tengai accurately and appropriately measure the interview answers and if the results are consistent and reliable over time. The study will provide data-driven insights that establish Tengai as a hiring recruitment tool in various stages of the recruitment funnel.

Unbiased Job Interview

Anna Rydbacken, Chief Product Officer at TNG is responsible for TNG’s unbiased recruitment methodology that is the foundation of Tengai’s objective and structured interviews.:

”We decided to develop Tengai from scratch to make sure that she could conduct completely unbiased job interviews. By not using any previous data, Tengai won’t hold any preconceived or subjective opinions toward a candidate. Not before, during, or after the interview.”

She continues: ”We are therefore very excited to collaborate with Anders Sjöberg, a leading expert in psychometrics and selection methodology. Together, we will be able to measure and confirm the interview results and prove how the robot can make the recruitment process more fair for candidates and more effective for companies.”

Anders Sjöberg, CEO at Psychometrics Sweden AB, on why the research is important:

”I have been very skeptical when it comes to using AI to mitigate unconscious biases and especially when it is developed to recreate human abilities. But Tengai is the first serious attempt I have come across where the development team is open to be scientifically evaluated and want to measure how effective and useful Tengai is during a recruitment process.”

The validation study is now up and running and a pilot study will be conducted throughout the summer of 2019. A more comprehensive study will start in the fall.

Tengai Job Interview Mitigates Unconscious Bias 

Tengai is a fully automated, physical AI-robot with a diversity and inclusion software powered by 15 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. Initially developed in the innovation lab of TNG, a Swedish recruitment and staffing agency specializing in unbiased recruitment located in Stockholm. Integrated early in the recruitment process, the social robot objectively assesses soft-skills and personality traits through blind interviews. Tengai’s natural language processing engine and interview analytics will assist recruiters and hiring managers to make better hiring decisions while delivering a more honest and fair candidate experience.

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