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Tengai Unbiased - The Social Job Interview Robot
Tengai Unbiased - The Social Job Interview Robot

Press release -

AI-Interview Robot Tengai Goes Incorporated - Focus on International Expansion

AI-interview robot Tengai, developed by Swedish unbiased staffing- and recruitment agency TNG on Furhat Robotics robot platform, will go incorporated as Tengai AB. The goal with the venture is to meet the high market demand from the HR-community, and fully be able to focus on international expansion.

Tengai, the world’s first AI-interview robot, has stirred a lot of attention with its unbiased approach to recruitment and the interview process. There is a high demand from both corporations and organizations to invest in the HR-tech tool in different parts of the world. As the first product is market-ready and the demand continues to increase Swedish unbiased staffing- and recruitment agency TNG, has decided to spin off the brand to its own incorporate company – Tengai AB, to allow for international expansion.

Tengai was developed by a few employees at TNG:s innovation lab TNGx. The goal was to merge 15 years of experience from unbiased recruitment into a diversity- and inclusion software, while also creating a more fair and unique candidate experience for the job seeker. Entering Furhat Robotics and their robot platform. In close cooperation, Tengai was developed with the goal to mitigate bias in the interview process, while assisting HR-specialists and hiring managers to make better data-driven hiring decisions and thereby increase diversity in organizations.

The first automated product for in-house usage by TNG was just released in the Swedish market, and the first clients have already signed up. Next on the product roadmap is a stand-alone interview robot for the Swedish market, followed by an English-speaking robot early 2020.

According to Mats Edlund, Part-Owner of Key People Group AB and Tengai AB, says the spin-off is a natural step to grow the company:

“Since Tengai is primarily a technology company within HR and recruitment, the company needs to be a separate legal entity with a management and a board that can create the right conditions to expand internationally, and secure external financing, to do so,” says Mats Edlund.

New CEO of Tengai AB will be Elin Öberg Mårtenzon:

“By incorporating Tengai we can now independently build an organization to meet the international requests we have, but also continue to build the product and develop our technology. In addition, one of our most important potential customer segments for Tengai will be the international staffing and recruitment industry and we feel strongly that it is important to clarify that Tengai is an independent HR-tech tool," says Elin Öberg Mårtenzon.

Tengai’s Job Interview Mitigates Unconscious Bias

Unbiased by design, Tengai is a fully automated, physical robot recruiter with a diversity and inclusion software powered by 15 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. Integrated early in the recruitment process, the social robot objectively assesses soft-skills and personality traits through blind interviews. Tengai’s natural language processing engine and interview analytics will assist recruiters and hiring managers to make better hiring decisions while delivering a more honest and fair candidate experience.

For more information:

Charlotte Ulvros, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Tengai AB, +46 709 82 84 75 or

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO, Tengai AB, +46 709 37 96 45 or

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Tengai Job Interview Mitigates Unconscious Bias

Tengai AB is a recently incorporated HR Tech startup in Stockholm, Sweden that is utilizing artificial intelligence and an unbiased recruitment methodology in interview robot Tengai, developed in partnership with social robotics pioneer Furhat Robotics.

The social AI-robot is enhancing the candidate experience, freeing up time and helping recruiters and hiring managers in making objective hiring decisions. The robot was originally a collaboration between recruitment and staffing agency TNG, who programmed the diversity and inclusion software at the TNGx innovation lab, and Furhat Robotics, The robot was originally a collaboration between recruitment and staffing agency TNG, who programmed the diversity and inclusion software at the TNGx innovation lab, and Furhat Robotics, who builds and develops the social AI-robotics platform.

Today Tengai AB continues to partner with Furhat Robotics to continue to develop the next generation of unbiased interview product.

Press contacts

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO +46 709 379 645

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Next Level of Conversational AI for Recruitment

At Tengai AB we combine behavioral science and established interview techniques with advanced conversational AI so recruiters get access to structured data and quickly can identify matches between candidates and jobs. Tengai’s AI interview contributes to higher candidate engagement and is proven to create to a more objective screening process.

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