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It’s here: The World’s First Unbiased Human-like Recruiting Avatar

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It’s here: The World’s First Unbiased Human-like Recruiting Avatar

Tengai are launching their human-like avatar, candidate application, and recruitment platform which mitigates bias and promotes a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The Tengai team ensures their new recruitment software will provide accessibility and empowerment for job applicants and recruiters worldwide. With the release of Tengai's new avatar, talent acquisition managers will be able to find the right candidate faster and more efficiently, as it can be customized according to the organization's needs.

Stockholm, April 3, 2023 - Tengai AB has developed the first unbiased human-like screening software that engages candidates, streamlines the screening process, and collects important candidate data. With the new AI recruiting software, talent acquisition professionals can screen multiple candidates at the same time, communicate efficiently, and provide personalized feedback while mitigating unconscious bias. For a positive candidate experience, this is more important than ever. Talent acquisition professionals can now find high-quality candidates, strengthen their employer brand, and hire more quickly with Tengai.

Through today's online launch, recruitment professionals will gain first-hand experience of the new Tengai in action and learn how it will transform their own recruitment processes. Today’s event includes live demonstrations of Tengai's technology and features interactive Q&A sessions with the developers and experts from Tengai. This launch promises to be an exciting and informative experience for anyone interested in the future of recruitment and the latest developments in AI software.

"We are thrilled to launch Tengai’s new avatar, our latest innovation that will change the playing field for recruitment," says Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO at Tengai. "Tengai is a game-changer that will help companies build diverse and inclusive teams by removing any unconscious biases in the recruitment process. We believe Tengai will revolutionize the way companies hire candidates, and streamline their hiring process. We’ve been waiting quite a few months to share our new recruitment software with the world, and I’m glad today is finally here."

This is the new era of candidate engagement

Tengai’s new, human-like avatar reflects the changing expectations of candidates. The new AI software provides great communication, which is more important than ever for a positive candidate experience. With Tengai's new advanced AI avatar, candidate interviews can be conducted even more effectively with advanced natural language understanding (NLU). Therefore, Tengai now responds to candidates even quicker, and despite human errors such as mispronunciation, the new recruitment avatar will understand subtleties like accents. Using this method, Tengai can mimic human interaction even better while eliminating potential biases from the recruitment process. With the new candidate application, Tengai Talent Hub, candidates can access their interview, get personalized feedback and feel in control over their data. With Tengai’s new AI recruiting software, talent acquisition professionals will find high-quality candidates, strengthen their employer brand and hire even faster.

Get rid of your recruitment pains in an even more human way

There is a rising demand for time-saving services in recruitment that also mitigates unconscious bias from the process. Until now, there has been no human-like screening software that both engages candidates and helps recruiters collect the right candidate data. Tengai’s advanced platform Tengai Recruiting Hub, recruiters can access interview results within seconds after the interview is done, add classic screening questions, and nurture candidates with automatic emails. The AI software removes recruiters' pains from the recruitment process while collecting valuable insights that inform their process. Stop coordinating busy schedules or manually screening every applicant. The Tengai Recruiting Hub is giving HR professionals a scientific and validated way to assess candidates’ personality, behavior, and potential. Tengai’s new AI-powered interview helps to quickly identify the best possible matches between candidates and jobs.

Below are some of the exciting new features Tengai is delivering to the market designed to help talent acquisition professionals build more diverse teams, further improve their candidate's experience, and compete for top talent in a competitive job market:

A new human-like avatar with a new voice

Having an AI with "human" abilities is crucial to a successful candidate experience. Tengai’s new avatar makes candidates feel at ease during what is usually considered a stressful experience.

Ability to conduct interviews 24/7

Tengai's AI interview software is accessible from anywhere, resulting in a larger candidate pool and access to a global talent pool.

Delivers personalized feedback to every applicant

Share feedback immediately following an interview with candidates and show them that they are valued while promoting a positive employer brand.

Ability to customize screening interviews

Tengai lets you add screening questions and select the most essential parameters, resulting in better, more relevant responses, which makes it easier to compare candidates.

“Being innovative and having a candidate-centric recruitment process are two of our core values at Tengai. With the new human-like avatar, Tengai becomes accessible to organizations and candidates all over the world.” - Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO at Tengai.

Discover, assess, engage, and onboard the best talent with Tengai’s new, intuitive recruitment platform. Today, Tengai is available on the global market and you can become one of the first organizations to use Tengai’s innovative recruitment avatar for your unbiased interview screening.

For more information about Tengai and the launch, please visit

About Tengai

Tengai is transforming the way organizations discover, engage, and hire top talent. Tengai seeks to enhance the candidate's experience by streamlining the screening process at scale and sending personalized feedback to every applicant and at the same time improving the quality of hire. Tengai is an innovative AI company connecting employers and job-seekers and is proudly part of the Nordic Ethical AI landscape.

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Call: +46 8 586 20 900

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Tengai AB is a Stockholm-based HR Tech startup that is combining AI and an unbiased recruitment methodology in the world’s first human-like interview avatar, Tengai.

The interactive AI interview is enhancing the assessment process, contributes to higher candidate engagement, and assists HR professionals in making objective hiring decisions. The framework is validated by psychometric experts to create to a more objective screening process without any human interference.


Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO +46 709 379 645
Debora Hermele

Debora Hermele

Press contact Marketing Specialist +46 722 636 407

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