Mynewsdesk is key to the new PR strategy of Lufthansa Cargo


Before Lufthansa Cargo started using Mynewsdesk their presswork was rather rigid and inflexible. It was organised via several spreadsheets and tools. Thus reaching out to journalists required a lot of manual and often duplicated steps. By using Mynewsdesk they were able to free up time and resources, so their communicators now have the time to concentrate on the creative (and fun) part of PR.

Lufthansa Cargo is one of the largest cargo airlines in international air transport. Its core business covers the marketing of its own freighter fleet and the freight capacity on passenger aircraft operated by their partner airlines. The problem of the industry: Usually logistics companies only gain public visibility when something bad happens.

Creating public visibility with positive stories featured in broad media is one of their main communication goals today. Therefore they decided to try the AI-driven PR platform Mynewsdesk. It turned out to be the perfect companion in their everyday press work. Every campaign is now only sent to the relevant target groups, the follow-up work to each campaign can be done within the platform and their emails are not overloaded with images anymore.

Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub, says Jacqueline Casini.

Changing strategy: From niche to public media

With this change in their communication strategy they want to reach all decision makers in all industries. Another focus is CEO-branding with topics like the nature of globalisation, resilient supply chains and why air freight is actually not that bad in terms of CO2 usage. A broader target group also means that they need to cater to more stakeholders. The personalisation through Mynewsdesk paid off: Today even journalist they didn’t know before subscribe to their newsroom to stay informed about the thought-leader of the air-freight industry.

One of the biggest benefits is that we now can see what contacts are interested in which topics and hence tailor each dispatch to the relevant target group. The personalisation derived from this data simplifies our press work immensely. Now we reach new journalists thanks to Mynewsdesk and receive significantly more media coverage than before, says acqueline Casini.

From press clippings to insightful data 

Before using Mynewsdesk they could only guess who read their press releases. They used an outdated clipping service: basically a compilation of newspaper cut-outs which didn’t provide real value or insights. But they didn’t have any other relevant KPIs either. With the smart analytics function they now know exactly who opened their emails and which journalist used their press release as the basis for an article – and they now tailor their content according to their different target audiences.

There used to be no KPIs at all, only classic press clippings. Tracking which content was well received and how well it was received was difficult or rather impossible. Today we can analyse our work much more critically thanks to Mynewsdesk: How many visitors do we have in our newsroom, who reads which content, etc., says Jacqueline Casini.

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Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo AG is one of the largest cargo airlines in international air transport. Its core business covers the marketing of its own freighter fleet and the freight capacity on passenger aircraft operated by Deutsche Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and SunExpress.

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-The platform is user friendly and intuitive, even before we had taken any of the courses we were offered – but what weighed the most was how easy it is to mirror social media postings.

Anders Sten Nessem, Bergans

– We decided to publish all of our content in our newsroom, now our company ranks for over 76,000 competitive keywords thanks to this platform. It’s been a game-changer for sure.

Rodin Luo, MiniTool

– It was incredible and very profitable for us. We are where the bigger mountain resorts were a couple of decades ago and for us, it’s mostly about getting others to notice us. With this in mind, national media attention is invaluable and it’s great that a press release can make such a difference.

Lotta Anestedt, Lofsdalen

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