Mynewsdesk and Uminova Innovation – an Effective Stepping Stone for Start-up Companies

Helping niche entrepreneurs and start-up companies get the exposure they require to scale up their businesses is a daily challenge for the incubator Uminova Innovation. In order to take its customers to the next level, the company started working with Mynewsdesk and the exposure on the PR platform quickly proved to be effective.

Based in Umeå in the north of Sweden, Uminova Innovation is one of the country’s foremost incubators with a long tradition in business development. Its main goal is to help start-ups expand their business ideas within technology in an innovative, scalable and sustainable way.

Our customers are in need of exposure in a larger context that they can provide for themselves, based on their current size. That is why Mynewsdesk has become an important partner in helping our customers reach out to their target groups, says Emmy Ericsson, Marketing Manager at Uminova Innovation.

Long-term Commitment as a Key to Success 

When Uminova Innovation first started using Mynewsdesk, it was exclusively to promote its own brand. As they began working more closely with the start-up companies they realised the difficulties that smaller businesses had to reach out with their message, and therefore chose to change its strategy. Because of the platform’s easy-to-use features for finding journalists in niche industries, as well as the importance of continuity, Mynewsdesk became the number one option.

There is generally a tendency within the communication industry to jump between platforms, but for me, it has always been important to be consistent and committed. What I like about Mynewsdesk, in addition to having all the functions I need, is the support I receive in terms of regular check-ins and someone to discuss with, says Emmy Ericsson and continues:

A feature that recently caught my attention is the possibility to upload a press release and receive help from AI with recommendations on journalists who have written about related topics. That’s a tool with huge potential for us.

The Ultimate Proof

Uminova Innovation has had a clear strategy for how to help customers with their communication challenges, and there is no doubt that they are seeing results. The goal is to help its customers to become self-sufficient, and there are already examples of companies that have grown to the degree that they can now start their own newsrooms with Mynewsdesk.

When we showcase the progress of our start-up companies we also show that our business support makes a difference. It is the ultimate proof that we deliver on our mission and has become the cornerstone of our communication. We are constantly seeing an effect in terms of impact due to our work with Mynewsdesk, and the companies we help are often surprised by the response they receive. It is exactly this kind of cooperation that creates a stepping stone that is both effective and exciting, says Emmy Ericsson.

Uminova Innovation In Numbers





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Start-up teams


Uminova Innovation

Uminova Innovation in Umeå is one of Sweden’s leading incubators and was selected for Vinnova’s Excellence Program. With cutting-edge business support, we help people in Västerbotten to invest in and develop their business ideas.

We work so that more people, both in and outside Sweden, will discover and get involved in the companies and innovations here. We do this through ambitious collaborations with industry, large companies, investors, partners, and our large contact network of talents and competencies.

Uminova Innovation aims high, bets big, and inspires others to do the same.

Click here to access Uminova Innovation’s newsroom.

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-The platform is user friendly and intuitive, even before we had taken any of the courses we were offered – but what weighed the most was how easy it is to mirror social media postings.

Anders Sten Nessem, Bergans

– We decided to publish all of our content in our newsroom, now our company ranks for over 76,000 competitive keywords thanks to this platform. It’s been a game-changer for sure.

Rodin Luo, MiniTool

– It was incredible and very profitable for us. We are where the bigger mountain resorts were a couple of decades ago and for us, it’s mostly about getting others to notice us. With this in mind, national media attention is invaluable and it’s great that a press release can make such a difference.

Lotta Anestedt, Lofsdalen

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