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Boutique hotel Aurora Esteta, Lapland Ylläs.
Boutique hotel Aurora Esteta, Lapland Ylläs.

Press release -

Business by Sirly and Heidi, hello from Lapland!

We would like to welcome you to  Lapland. You will find the cutest boutique hotel in the world in Lapland, Finland, in Ylläs.

The hotel was founded by two young women in 2015 and has paved the way for both Finnish and global awareness. The hotel was chosen as the best new boutique hotel in Europe in London in 2018, among the top 10 restaurants in Finland in 2021.

Women have kept the restaurant and hotel afloat even during these difficult times and have managed to build a strong brand.

The hotel has 7 unique rooms, a 50-seat fine dining restaurant, a 100-year-old smoke sauna, a jacuzzi and a sauna house. The location is on the shores of Lake Ylläsjärvi, near Ylläs fell.

What would it be like to have a breakfast served at the tables, your own private sauna time and a delicious 5-course dinner with top wines?

In summer the sun does not set, you can climb to the top of the fell even in the middle of the night. In winter you enjoy the snow, frost and northern lights.

A few words about entrepreneurs.

The chef is 34-year-old Sirly Ylläsjärvi. The Finns also know her on TV, as she has competed in e.g. MasterChef 2011 as well as MasterChef professionals for the season 2021. She also participated in a business competition called " Diili" = "Entrepreneur"

Heidi Seikkula, 39, is the CEO. In addition to Aurora Estate, she has founded the consulting company Lapland on Lifestyle and has been involved in the opening of new hotels in Lapland and south of Finland.

Summer menu

Semi dry tomatoes, garlic, bread, grilled peppers, herbs, cucumber.

Poro tartar
Reindeer, capers, onions, cheese and frozen yolk.

3 ways
Vendace with birch oil and flowers, caramelized onion and creme fresh, reindeer tongue as a " Vitello tonnato"  and home made bread.

Ylläsjärvi Pike
Puikula potato roux, crab broth, smoked birch, tomato, garlic and caviart.

Ice cream stick, pollen, spruce powder white chocolate and flowers.

The women also wrote their first cooking book, which also covers the eight seasons of Lapland. Visit to order your own book here: Cooking book

Auorora Estate has big plans for the future so we recommend putting the place in mind. 

Visit our website 

See you soon!
Sirly and Heidi



Aurora Estate- Revontulten tila muodostuu 3:sta rakennuksesta. 

Päärakennuksemme valmistui joulukuussa 2015, rakennuksessa on 7 huonetta ja 50 paikkainen fine dining ravintola. Ruokamme on suurilta osin lähiruokaa jossa voi havaita eurooppalaisia tuulahduksia.
Pihapiirissämme on myös tunnelmallinen Jussan pirtti joka taipuu niin tilausravintolaksi, kuin kokoustilaksi. Ulkona voit katsoa revontuli jacuzzista tai pulahtaa avantoon.


Sirly Ylläsjärvi

Press contact Keittiömestari / Omistaja 0458457185
Heidi Seikkula

Heidi Seikkula

Press contact Toimitusjohtaja/Omistaja Toimitusjohtaja 0443358000 Aurora Estate Instagram

Etsi meidät, hemmottelemme sinut pilalle!

Aurora Estate, Boutique hotelli ja ravintola. Euroopan paras uusi hotelli 2018.

Aurora Estate
Tirroniementie 4c
95980 Ylläsjärvi