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The worse the downpour, the better the signal.
The worse the downpour, the better the signal.

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Fall is here and so the rainy season begins. Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs now offers trekkers on the northern Swedish trail Kungsleden, in the middle of the Swedish wilderness, free Wi-Fi. But there’s a catch- it only works when it rains.

The weather in Northern Sweden can get pretty rough, and Haglöfs has helped people endure the weather since 1914. But today people seem to believe that being online is just as important as staying dry when the rain is pouring down.According to a survey from 2014*, a good Wi-Fi connection is one on the things we value the most when we are travelling.Seemingly, Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs should be updated with the Wi-Fi need.

“We want to encourage everyone to get out there, no matter the weather. With this initiative, we hope to make people’s outdoor experiences even more enjoyable, even when it’s pouring down”, says Peter Fabrin, CEO at Haglöfs.

A Wi-Fi placed somewhere along the trail Kungsleden in northern Sweden gives trekkers the opportunity to go online in places where there normally is no connectivity at all. But there is a catch – it only works when it rains.

About Weather-fi

During October 2016, anyone planning on heading out for Kungsleden can check out to get the latest forecast for the region and to see whether the weather-fi will be up and running. Combining binge-watching of your favourite TV-series with the outdoors is no longer a problem, thanks to Weather-fi.

The Wi-Fi connection is driven by solar panels, and is linked to a local weather station acting as an on and off switch. The worse the downpour, the better the signal.

Full project is available on
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For more information, please contact:

 Sara Skogsberg Cuadras
Communication Manager
+ 46 8 584 400 14

*Carried out by travel company Skyscanner

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More than a century ago, Wiktor Haglöf designed a backpack for the local workers of Swedish small town Torsång. The durable, practical backpack would be the proud beginnings of what today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor clothing, footwear and hardware. The Haglöfs brand is currently marketed to the Nordic region, Europe and Asia is owned by ASICS Corporation since 2010. For more info, please visit


Sara Skogsberg Cuadras

Sara Skogsberg Cuadras

Press contact CSR & Corporate Communicatins Manager +34616424178
Sophia Schlör

Sophia Schlör

Press contact PR Manager PR +46720773930

Welcome to Haglöfs!

We come from Sweden, a country of extreme weather and extensive landscape. A place where the outdoors isn’t just a far off place, it’s in the fabric of our culture and community. We are committed to creating gear that will support anyone, anywhere in their own outdoor adventure. We were founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf, a visionary with a dream and a toolbox. Our story has evolved from humble beginnings, and we’ve ventured into new territory, creating technical designs that set a new standard in craftsmanship.

At Haglöfs, we are Outsiders by Nature. We draw outside the lines, think outside the box, and live outside our comfort zones. We encourage exploration both physically and mentally through embracing the outdoors. We believe that everyone can experience the outdoors, and do all we can to ensure that it will still be there for future generations to explore.


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