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Mynewsday 2021 - Beyond the message

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Mynewsday 2021 - Beyond the message

Mynewsdesk can proudly present Pontus F. Christoffersen as one of the keynote speakers at this year's Mynewsday. Pontus is a Communication Expert and his expertise involves presentation and negotiation techniques, as well as modern rhetorics. His presentation at Mynewsday will explore rhetorical strategies and psychological insights in a digitalized world.

During Pontus' presentation, you’ll learn how to create a bulletproof message designed to be both interpreted as you intend it to - and give the results you want. Pontus has a broad experience of training politicians, managers, and teams at well-known companies such as H&M, Skanska, ABB, Sectra, Bonava, and PwC. With skills of combining the psychological theories with practical skills, Pontus will provide you with the benefit of knowing what to say and, even more importantly - why it works.

Your topic is "Beyond the message", what will this year's participants at Mynewsday learn?
That there is more to communication than what you say and how you say it. There is a psychological dynamic that we need to consider when we create our messages to make sure that they are received the way we intend them to be.

Why did you start working with rhetoric?
As I see it, we have two major problems in our workplaces today - nervousness and passive-aggressive behaviors. Both of which have to do with rhetoric and communication. These two problems are the core cause of boring, weak, and uninspiring presentations as well as a negative culture where we, instead of talking with each other, talk about each other. However, with strategies backed by science, we can easily take control of our nervousness and become great presenters. We can resolve conflicts and create a progressive culture. Both of which will enhance the wellbeing of our employees and increase our profits.

What is the best thing about working with your rhetoric?
I love the reaction from people when they can truly feel that their lives become easier after learning a couple of effective strategies. I can help people reshape their confidence and make them better persons by giving them the strategies they need to deal with their communicative challenges. They’ll become better communicators, better presenters, better leaders, better negotiators both professionally but also in their personal life. And the joy of seeing their experience of not only doing better at work but having better relationships as well, that’s what I love about this job.

What do you think is important to think about going forward as a communicator?
That authenticity is key. As we talk more and more about strategies involving how to get our message across, we need to remember to not let them overtake our personality. We can use strategies without becoming them. Today's world shows a surface that celebrates perfection, but we’re all longing for more authenticity.

Give us three quick tips to get your message across

  • Be authentic; avoid sounding like a well-drilled politician and let your personality shine through.
  • Remember that no one likes to be persuaded by anyone but themselves. So sometimes questions might be more convincing than statements.
  • Always have the question ”What’s in it for them” in mind when you shape your message. That’s what they’re interested in. Not your background or how many employees you are but rather what can you help us with and why should I listen to you?

Mynewsday is one of the biggest industry gatherings for marketers, PR professionals and communicators across the Nordics. The event takes place on November 11th and this year's theme is The Future of PR and Communications. Make sure not to miss it by signing up for free here!

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