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Mynewsday 2021 - Choose your age

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Mynewsday 2021 - Choose your age

One of this year's inspiring keynote speakers at Mynewsday is the PR consultant and futurist John Mellkvist. John has a broad experience of helping clients, companies and individuals increase their influence and commercial impact. He is also passionate about preventing ageism in the workplace as well as in our society.

For the last several years John has been committed to reduce ageism and age discrimination. In his presentation “Choose Your Age” John Mellkvist delivers a fresh perspective to the subject of aging. Why is this topic booming? What is ageism, why is it so common and how can we use the power of communication to reduce it?

Your topic is "Choose your age", what does that mean?
Choose your age is actually the intendedly thought-provoking title of my book. My mission has been to destigmatize the topic of age and reducing the presence of ageism. By lifting the positive aspects of ageing and challenging the many stereotypes related to age and ageing we can create a brighter horizon for the many, when it comes to the natural process of getting older.

What significance will age have for the future of communication and PR?
Age stereotyping is a severe problem in society, as it creates tension, fear and conflict. Furthermore, companies are missing huge business opportunities if they fail to reach their target groups in a relevant way. Thoughtful communication is absolutely key. The gap between different generations is decreasing in today’s society and we are becoming much more alike.

Do you feel like your age?
I do! I’m pushing 50 which is a great age in many ways. I can honestly say that I’m capable of a lot of things today that I wasn’t 10 or 20 years ago. And vice versa of course. But middle-age is a plateau where you try to make sense of your existence, and not least – strive to be useful to others.

Do you have any pointers on what professionals in communication and PR should think about when it comes to ageism?
Demographics has been the dominating way of identifying, defining and communicating target groups. This is changing as we speak, from age to ”mindset based communication”, based on the insight that we don’t live our age as much as we used to – and that we have more in common sharing interests and way of life rather than simply year of birth. Digitalization has given us all new opportunities throughout life and sparked new behavior.

Mynewsday is one of the biggest industry gatherings for marketers, PR professionals and communicators across the Nordics. The event takes place on November 11th and this year's theme is the Future of PR and Communications. Make sure not to miss it by signing up for free here!




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