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Tengai launches partnership program
Tengai launches partnership program

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Tengai launches partnership and reseller program to meet global market-needs

The Unbiased Interviewer Tengai and the company Tengai AB continue the journey to meet the recruitment market needs and launches a partnership and reseller program.

Earlier this year, the robot Tengai was validated in cooperation with Swedish scientists. The study performed showed a unique result and proved the methodology behind Tengai’s interview framework to be validated and that Tengai can perform interviews independently without human interference.

1st of may the new interview framework was released to the public and to meet the need from the market, Tengai AB now launches a partnership and reseller program targeted to reach the recruitment industry and potential partnership dialogues with recruitment agencies, assessment companies and RPO’s globally.

”We are very excited to kick off the next phase of our sales strategy and with our English release coming in Q3 this year, the new partnership and reseller program give us the opportunity to meet the needs of a global market.” Says Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO of Tengai AB, and continues. ”The interest for Tengai from the recruitment industry has been very high and we’ve been approached multiple times from agencies, RPO’s and other stakeholders within the recruitment industry asking for re-seller and partnership opportunities. Now with the new partnership launch, we can serve a broader range of clients.

The partnership- and re-seller program kicks off in Sweden in June and from Q3, the English version will be released. This gives potential partners the possibility to resell the robot and the unbiased software, creating new and exciting services, solutions and opportunities on the recruitment field. Already now, potential partners can report interest on the company website.

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Tengai's Job Interview Mitigates Unconscious Bias

Tengai AB is a Swedish-based HR Tech startup that is combining AI and an unbiased recruitment methodology in the world’s first interview robot, Tengai.

The social robot is enhancing the candidate experience, freeing up time and helping recruiters and hiring managers in making objective hiring decisions. The robot was originally a collaboration between recruitment and staffing agency TNG, who programmed the diversity and inclusion software at the TNGx innovation lab, and Furhat Robotics, who built the robotics platform and OS where Tengai’s application is running. Today, Tengai AB and Furhat Robotics continue to partner and develop the next generation of unbiased interview tools.

Press contacts

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO, Tengai AB +46 709 379 645

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Next Level of Conversational AI for Recruitment

Tengai is an unbiased interview software using conversational Ai to perform a two-way interview dialogue interview with candidates. The software creates unbiased, structured, competency-based interviews with anonymous candidates, focusing on soft-skills and personality traits. The Tengai interview product suite consists of Tengai Recruit™, Tengai Robot™ and Tengai Digital Video Interview™

The Interview software has been developed by TNG, a Swedish recruitment and staffing agency specializing in unbiased recruitment, and Furhat Robotics, pioneers within social robotics. The product merry together TNG's unbiased and reversed recruitment methodology, that the company has developed over the past 15 years, with Furhat's state of the art software platform and OS. Today, Tengai AB and Furhat Robotics continue the partnership to develop the next generation of unbiased interview tools.

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