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Marva Von Theo (Photo: Mariza Kapsabeli )
Marva Von Theo (Photo: Mariza Kapsabeli )

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WATCH: Marva Von Theo unveil dreamy and darksome video single "Dissolve"

Photos Mariza Kapsabeli

One month after the release of their sophomore album Afterglow, the dark electronic pop duo Marva Von Theo unveil a new video for their latest single “Dissolve”.

In “Dissolve”, love is presented in a rather raw and primitive way, following the aesthetics of medieval poetry. The deepest sentiments are symbolized through the heroine’s relationship with the natural world, the water, the lightning, the wind.

Love penetrates her host by dissolving him/her like the water does to the blood, the lightning to the tree and the wind to the cloud. One can only wish to be conquered by a love so deep that would make him utterly surrender to its power and dissolve.


Released on 26 February
Available on Vinyl & Cd
Label: Shades of Sound, Wave Records

Afterglow encompasses the more melancholic hues of life, those bittersweet feelings when something significantly beautiful ends, the echo of a beloved voice, the remnants of light after the sun has set. Love and its loss, sorrow, hope, daydream, and the determination to live, all these shimmer upon Marva Von Theo’s deep and poetic lyrics, which constitute the core of this album.


Love (Watch Official Video)
Forever (Watch Lyric Video)
Ruins (Watch Official Video)
Embrace this Madness (Watch Official Video)
Dissolve (Watch Official Video)
Room of Doubt
Somewhere Safe
Bittersweet Sunday
My Moon


At times darksome and dancey, but mostly introspective, gripping and moony, Marva Von Theo find their way through the dark synth music to twilight electro-pop, representing a multi-layered work of innovative and compelling songwriting with expressive vocals and refined orchestration. Marva Vo


The new album is [ ] More mature, wilder, darker, with more new paths in their explorations given in a pure and fearless way at the final structure. Warm applause from me!!!

Mike D. | WhiteLight-WhiteHeat (IT) – Also included in Loud Cities Magazine

… with jazz and experimental dance genres making their presence felt alongside more classic synth sounds for an intelligent musical statement with passionate vocals and considered arrangements.”

Chi Ming Lai | The Electricity Club (UK)

The overarching feeling from this record is that the people who made it could turn their hands to the majority of styles, including more commercial compositions. What they have opted to create is something that feels authentic, powerful and with a starkness that feels perfect for this particular reflective moment in time.

Amy Britton | Louder than War (UK)

One thing I’ve realised is just how good Marva Von Theo are at layering their music, there is always so much to hear in each track that makes these pieces as stunning as they are.

Teri Woods | Moths and Giraffes (GB)
Track by Track Review and in-depth Interview with the band

If I had to describe them in one sentence I would choose the following: “As if Eurythmics had joined Ladytron and the production had been signed by Martin Hannett”.

translated excerpt | George Xifaras, (GR)

Not your average dark pop album, but artistic and idiosyncratic pop avant-garde with a dark halo.

translated excerpt | Kurt Ingels, Dark Entries (BE)

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