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This is World of Volvo – "an ideal meeting place"

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This is World of Volvo – "an ideal meeting place"

A new landmark with space for exhibitions, concerts and dining experiences is taking shape in central Gothenburg. The five-story, 22,000-square-metre World of Volvo is scheduled to be completed in two years. In addition to being the heart for all Volvo companies, the Experience Centre will be a meeting place for everyone who lives in or visits Gothenburg.

In early 2024, Gothenburg's new Experience Centre, World of Volvo, will be inaugurated. Behind the project are Volvo Cars and Volvo Group, who want to create a heart for Volvo's business in the city where it all once began, and at the same time give Gothenburg a new public venue. The idea is that World of Volvo will not only be a destination for business conferences and car enthusiasts, but also a place for exhibitions, events and eating experiences. Exactly what the Experience Centre will contain has yet to be revealed, but the plans and expectations are high.

- The opening is still some way off, so there is plenty of time to create the content and program we will offer when we open our doors. Right now, we are in an incredibly inspiring phase where the construction is in full swing, says Magnus Wrahme, CEO of World of Volvo, and continues:

- We will create a vibrant place that changes shape frequently where people can meet and be inspired.

An oasis in the city where everyone is welcome

World of Volvo will be located on the side of the E6, just south of the amusement park Liseberg. With its size and spectacular Nordic architecture, reminiscent of a giant tree with large glass windows, World of Volvo will be visible from afar and become an early landmark for everybody who arrives in the city. The area will be characterized by greenery, and it is hoped that World of Volvo will become an oasis for Gothenburg residents looking for a place to relax or meet up with a friend.

- Apart from our exhibitions, it won't cost anything to visit World of Volvo; the building and the park around it will be open to everyone. Our goal is to create a place where the city's residents can meet and students can easily find a place to study in a pleasant environment, says Magnus Wrahme before concluding:

- In a Swedish context, World of Volvo will be a unique arena that we believe will help to lift the whole of Gothenburg. We are very proud of this initiative and are very much looking forward to the inauguration in just under two years.



Ulrika Sandford

Ulrika Sandford

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A vibrant meeting place with "omtanke"

World of Volvo invites you to join a movement to help create a world where we care for each other and the planet. Or as we like to say – a world with more "omtanke".

World of Volvo will be a new meeting place, in Gothenburg, Sweden, for inspiration and entertainment. An interactive place with exciting exhibitions, talks, performances and workshops, and of course, entertainment and dining. No matter if you’re a Volvo enthusiast, an employee or just a passer-by, you have a part to play.

Welcome to World of Volvo in 2024!

World of Volvo
Mölndalsvägen 30A
41263 Gothenburg
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