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Volvo’s new experience centre in Gothenburg - "a building that stands out"

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Volvo’s new experience centre in Gothenburg - "a building that stands out"

The construction of World of Volvo has begun. Unique Scandinavian architecture, designed by architects Henning Larsen, with glass walls from floor to ceiling and natural materials, is what visitors first will lay eyes on when World of Volvo opens up in early 2024.
World of Volvo will become a brand-new landmark that will greet drivers heading to Gothenburg on the E6 motorway, an incredibly cool building, to say the least, says Thomas Thompson, Project Manager for the building construction.

In the spring of 2018, the first lines of the sketches for Volvo's new experience center, World of Volvo, were drawn. Today, four years later, the building is being built on the grounds of Saab's old gearbox factory in central Gothenburg, right next to the amusement park Liseberg. With World of Volvo’s location in central Gothenburg, Volvo is establishing itself on the other side of the river Götaälv.

Something to offer for everyone

World of Volvo is designed to appeal to everyone, not just those with an interest in veichles, and will offer exhibitions, lectures, restaurants, and conference facilities, among other things. Through various themes and topics, Volvo wants to affect and involve visitors, as well as inspire and entertain. The architecture is inspired by the surrounding nature and is characterized by large glass windows on wooden frames. The ambition is that the building emulates a giant tree growing out of the rocks.
– This building stands out architecturally. The entire main building will be built in wood and will have floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which are about 16 meters. Since it will be shaped like a tree, there's not a right angle anywhere, it's quite outstanding, says Thomas Thompson.

Sustainable and central location

Sustainability has been an important factor while building World of Volvo; it will be certified with both LEED Gold, which is based on the building's environmental impact and WELL Gold, which aims to highlight social sustainability. Adjacent to the experience center, a parking garage is being built for Göteborgs Stads Parkeringsaktiebolag, which will be their largest garage in Gothenburg along with being the main garage for both World of Volvo and Liseberg.
– We are happy with the great cooperation with the City of Gothenburg as there is a lot of municipal land surrounding World of Volvo. As a result, we have taken a holistic approach and are refurbishing the land together with the city. For example, Mölndalsån, is a huge asset that we are working on and will put parkland next to so that more people can enjoy it, says Thomas Thompson before concluding:

– World of Volvo is designed on the basis of the "Right of Public Access". The right to move freely on any land and to be considerate of nature and others, are reflected in the concept of the building, this place is for everyone.



Ulrika Sandford

Ulrika Sandford

Press contact Marketing & Communications Manager +46 704 86 80 77

A vibrant meeting place with "omtanke"

World of Volvo invites you to join a movement to help create a world where we care for each other and the planet. Or as we like to say – a world with more "omtanke".

World of Volvo will be a new meeting place, in Gothenburg, Sweden, for inspiration and entertainment. An interactive place with exciting exhibitions, talks, performances and workshops, and of course, entertainment and dining. No matter if you’re a Volvo enthusiast, an employee or just a passer-by, you have a part to play.

Welcome to World of Volvo in 2024!

World of Volvo
Mölndalsvägen 30A
41263 Gothenburg
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