An extra colleague helped them get a new perspective in their PR

Areco was in need of quick help with a press release, so when they got the recommendation to hire Mynewsdesk’s own writers they immediately tried it out. The result exceeded their expectations and was the start of a long collaboration over text production.

– It is a big relief as well as an assurance that all the texts that we order are of high quality and exactly how we want them. That’s why we decided to extend our cooperation with Mynewsdesk Content, says Anita Benke, marketing director at Areco.

Areco bought Mynewsdesk’s solution “An extra colleague”, which means that they consistently work with the same writer who gets to know the business. They are especially pleased that their writer is perceptive and well acquainted with the company’s complex industry.

– Our writer is great at listening and asking the right questions that he uses to create insightful texts. By now he knows our organisation quite well, which means that I never have to explain anything. It really is like having an extra colleague, says Anita Benke.

Most of the texts Areco needs help with are press releases and news articles for their newsroom and website. They express that one of the biggest advantages of using Mynewsdesk Content’s services is that the texts are both written by professional journalists and written from an outsider’s perspective.

Since we started working with Mynewsdesk Content we have gotten much better and more varied texts – it really has boosted our communication.

Anita Benke, marketing director at Areco

Positive outcomes of the collaboration:

  • Planned publishing
  • Big breakthrough and publications in media
  • Higher organic reach on social media