Customer cases

Our customers are our heroes. Read on to see how they use Mynewsdesk.

The Mynewsdesk platform is so intuitive, using it has always come easy – for us and for the journalists.
Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen
We are market leaders, so we look big–but we are only a two-person company. That is why we looked towards Mynewsdesk last year.
Camilla Emring

Three reasons to choose Mynewsdesk

50% of startup costs saved

You get a hosted newsroom with no need for in-house development. Our developers are always keeping you up to date, minus the headache of not knowing your spend.

23% increase in email opening rates

Ensure that your messages are received. Compared to industry standards, your media outreach activity will be more successful.

53% increase in media coverage

Generate real coverage. Find new journalists and audiences you never thought you had, and improve relationship with those that matter most.