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Flic Twist

Announcing Flic Twist: A Wireless Dial for the Entire Family, with Matter Support.

Flic Twist is a combined smart button and dial that makes it easy to control every aspect of a smart home, even for tech-averse family members, children and guests. Flic Twist is packed with clever features that have never been seen before. Like Flic’s previous products, Flic Twist is wireless, can be placed anywhere in the home, and can be endlessly configured to suit any use case. Release Nov 2.

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Flic Smart Buttons

Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button with products including Flic, Powered by Flic and Flic Hub. With simplicity at its heart, Flic, is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love.


Drottning Kristinas väg 41
11428 Stockholm