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 Vanja Tufvesson New Chief Technology Officier at Tengai AB
Vanja Tufvesson New Chief Technology Officier at Tengai AB

Press release -

New Chief Technoloy Officer Appointed For Unbiased Social Interview Robot Tengai

Tengai AB that produces Tengai Unbiased, the social interview robot and recruitment tool, is now taking its technical development to the next level and appoints Vanja Tufvesson to its Chief Technology Officier (CTO). Tufvesson is the co-founder of Pink Programming, and in 2019 she was awarded “Female Founder of the Year” in Sweden.

Tengai AB is expanding internationally and recently became an incorporated business, independent from unbiased recruitment- and staffing agency TNG. With the addition of Vanja Tufvesson on the team, Tengai will continue to develop its inclusion and diversity software and continue to develop give the robot’s “human” qualities.

“I’m very excited to have Vanja join the team as CTO at Tengai AB. Her knowledge and interest in diversity and equality, in combination with her experience in start-ups, will be crucial as Tengai AB expands and grow internationally, ” says Tengai AB’s CEO Elin Öberg Mårtenzon.

who continues:

“There are many companies and organizations, both internationally and in Sweden, who are very interested in using Tengai. Vanja will be playing an important role in meeting market expectations and her insights will take Tengai to the next technical level.”

Pushing for equality in the IT Industry

Vanja Tufvesson most recent position was at Engaging Care, where she built a communication and information platform to simplify dialogue between patients and healthcare providers. Vanja is also the co-founder of Pink Programming, a coding community that has inspired and encouraged thousands of women to start programming since 2015. During the spring of 2019, she was awarded the distinguished title ”Female Founder of the Year” by DI Digital in Sweden.

“I have always been passionate about equality and diversity issues and over the past few years recruitment has caught my interest as well,” says Vanja Tufvesson, Chief Technology Officer at Tengai and continues:

“I got really excited when I heard about the world’s first unbiased interview robot and wanted to be involved in the project. To be a part of the start-up process, lead the technical development and update the software is in line with my mission to make the IT industry more equal and fair, regardless of background, age or gender.”

Tengai continues to gain attention around the world

During the next couple of months, you will continue to see the Tengai-team at conferences and events where you can learn more about how the unbiased interview robot promotes diversity at companies in Europe and the US. At the same time, Tengai is conducting a scientific validation study with renowned Associate Professor and psychometric Anders Sjöberg, CEO at Psychometrics Sweden AB.

Tengai AB is launching a stand-alone robot for the Swedish market during the fall of 2019 and an English speaking robot is expected to hit the market at the beginning of 2020.

For more information contact:

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO, Tengai AB
Tel. +46 709 37 96 45

Vanja Tufvesson, Chief Technology Officer, Tengai AB
Tel. +46 722 81 10 49

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Tengai's Job Interview Mitigates Unconscious Bias

Tengai AB is a recently incorporated HR Tech startup in Stockholm, Sweden that is utilizing artificial intelligence and an unbiased recruitment methodology in interview robot Tengai, developed in partnership with social robotics pioneer Furhat Robotics.

The social AI-robot is enhancing the candidate experience, freeing up time and helping recruiters and hiring managers in making objective hiring decisions. The robot was originally a collaboration between recruitment and staffing agency TNG, who programmed the diversity and inclusion software at the TNGx innovation lab, and Furhat Robotics, The robot was originally a collaboration between recruitment and staffing agency TNG, who programmed the diversity and inclusion software at the TNGx innovation lab, and Furhat Robotics, who builds and develops the social AI-robotics platform.

Today Tengai AB continues to partner with Furhat Robotics to continue to develop the next generation of unbiased interview product.

Press contacts

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO +46 709 379 645

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