5 perfectly good reasons to do content marketing for brand building

If these numbers don’t get you started with content marketing, nothing will.

By Daniel Molvær Vázquez, content and social media manager at Mynewsdesk.

Hips don’t lie, and neither does ROI on content marketing. It could potentially be 3x more effective than other strategies. Also, a lot cheaper. Even better, current changes in the media landscape make this transition more accessible than ever before. Considering this, why would you not start with content marketing?

We know that there’re several reasons why marketers and communicators find this challenging.

Our research tells us that 1 in 2 lacks resources and many don’t have time to indulge in content creation. Drawing up a strategy, creating an editorial calendar and crafting good stories on a regular basis is demanding. There is just too much to do. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

1. Where there’s a will, there’s a way

For some, the solution is relatively simple, and it has to do with the way one spends their marketing budget. Hiring freelancers to do the content creation for you would likely cost you less than a lot of the activities you’re currently doing. It is also likely to give you a higher return on investment too.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2B Content Marketing Survey, Content Marketing only accounts for 26 % of the respondents marketing budget on average. Not a considerable slice of the pie, considering what I’m about to tell you.

By outsourcing the task of crafting stories, you’ll have time to strategize and work on higher priority projects.

2. Awesome ROI on content marketing

Kapost reported that Content Marketing, when done right, can generate three times as many leads per $1000, and reduce the cost per lead between 31%-41% compared to paid search over a 36-month period.

There are of course various factors that affect the outcome, such as what line of business you’re in, what keywords you bid for, what your current strategy revolves around and how expensive the freelancers you hire are. However, those who spend more also tend to benefit the most from this marketing strategy.

Another benefit affecting your ROI, according to HubSpot, is that having a business blog helps generate more traffic to your page and more shares. It will also create more high-quality leads for your sales team, not to mention the SEO benefits of regularly posting well-written, high-quality content that people consume.

These numbers alone make a strong case for why you should consider allocating funds from your marketing budget and hire freelancers to produce content for you. The benefits don’t stop here. There are other, softer benefits of this strategy you should consider as well.

3. People are avoiding advertising

Habits are changing.

People are increasingly using ad blockers, which again will affect your likelihood of reaching your key audience. It is hard to tell exactly how widespread it is.

According to PageFair, about 11% of the total internet population was using it in 2016. The numbers reported in more mature internet markets is anything between 30-50 %, with an increased use across platforms among the younger generations.

How do we interpret these results?

Well, if you are targeting tech-savvy people in mature markets, you could be spending lots of your budget on ads that aren’t reaching your audience.

4. Quality content builds brand awareness

People are increasingly consuming content through social media and influencers, but everyone’s attention span is also decreasing.

Therefore, brands need to communicate in a way that fits with how people are consuming content and stay relevant.

Remember, you are competing for your target audience’s attention. However, by giving your customers high-quality and relevant content that is easily consumable, entertaining, educating, inspiring or exciting, you can achieve higher engagement levels.

Succeeding with cutting through the clutter can only be done by engaging your audience, not by way of the pop-up ads.

You don’t want to be one of those brands bombarding people with unsolicited and annoying advertising.

5. With a little help from friends, content marketing is easy to do

Marketers struggle with resources, meaning they have too much to do and too little time to do it. By allocating funds from your marketing budget to hiring freelance writers, you can initiate a content marketing strategy at a scale that can help you achieve remarkable results.

As for the freelancers, they possess the skills you need, and they may very well help your business break barriers and create brand awareness. With the media landscape changing, and many news media struggling financially, the gig economy is exploding and creating a win-win situation for content creators and brands looking to hire them.

The key takeaways why content marketing rocks

If still not convinced, let’s reiterate the key points:

  • Content marketing generates 3x as many leads compared to paid search and costs 31% less
  • Currently, marketers spend 26% of their budget on content marketing. How much do you spend on it?
  • Creating engaging and relevant content that people want to consume is more effective than intrusive advertising. 30-50% of people in mature internet markets use ad blockers and are not seeing the paid ads.
  • If you don’t have the time or find it hard to create content, outsource it to a pro content creator. Your return on investment will make it worth your while.


The post was written by

Daniel Molvær Vázquez,
Content and social media manager





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