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How to create and distribute stories

Expertly craft and distribute your stories

Gone are the days of writing and sending a traditional press release to gain media coverage for your company or new product. Standing out in today’s crowded media world requires a well-told story. You also need a smart publishing plan to ensure your targeted media and influencers notice you.

A guide you need to get on how to create and publish stories delivering solid results. Includes information on how to:

  • Pick a good story
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Create the content
  • Distribute your stories
  • Set up a storytelling process

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How to select a good story?

A good idea is the basis of a great story. If you’ve implemented quality industry monitoring, you’re in a good position; you’ll be able to identify relevant and timely ideas that will resonate.

Understanding your audience is the first step because you must know who you’re writing for to deliver useful content. Do you want your story to be distributed by the media in your industry? Or in the city in which you operate? Trade media will prefer stories about your innovations. However, local media will be more interested in stories about local workers.

How to distribute a good story?

Distribution is not an insular step, nor is it a single activity. You could create the best story of all time that nobody ever sees – because they can’t find it. Some experts say you should apply the Pareto principle to marketing.  Spend 80 percent of your resources on distribution and 20 percent on creation. Others argue a 90/10 rule. The bottom line is this: how you distribute is critical.

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