Developing the dream PR team

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Develop the dream PR team

The third most important factor in PR is developing your dream PR team. Afer all, you can have a great strategy and technology in place but your team – current and future – ultimately determines your success.

But what are the challenges around staffing and how do you address them to help your team flourish? We sought some perspective in the State of Digital PR study, the first comprehensive study focused on digital PR. It includes responses from 2,500 PR professionals, primarily managers, and directors, in eight countries. They work in local, regional and global PR across more than 17 industries, including media and entertainment, business services, software and the internet, government and non-profits.

How communicators see their jobs evolving

Almost 90% of practitioners expect the composition of roles and expertise of their departments to change. Given evolving technology and the increasingly digital PR landscape, how should communicators develop? Surveyed practitioners use the following words to describe how their jobs will look like in the future:

  • Strategic (63.4%)
  • Analytical (50.8%)
  • Complex (43.1%)
  • Creative (40.1%)
  • Challenging (33.5%)

Interestingly, more than half of PR practitioners say limited internal skills or competencies is one of the greatest challenges. The impact of the digital revolution could be dire if your team is not prepared to meet changing and growing demands. Therefore, how do managers prepare their teams to take on future challenges?

Developing a winning PR Team

Almost three-quarters of professionals (73.1%) decline to say they would prefer to recruit new talent. Thus, most practitioners face the responsibility of growing their team’s skills. How to do that? If you’d like to find out, read more in this free ebook and learn the four steps to help you develop staff who are prepared to win the digital PR revolution.