The art of storytelling in PR

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The art of storytelling in PR

How to define and create your brand story

The way brands reach customers and stakeholders has changed dramatically over the last decade. Where once we focused on advertising and pitching the media for attention, brands today can reach consumers directly by publishing content.

Although the term is overused, brand storytelling aptly describes the new ways brands reach their audience. That’s because to get the attention you can no longer interrupt (as commercials and advertisements do). Now you’ll win attention with a great story.

The important thing is to publish consistently – whether writing articles, producing videos, or publishing educational information via social media. To build an audience and sustain its attention, you must become a regular publisher of interesting, relevant content. For many, this means publishing every day, but even one or two times a week is enough.

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Download this excellent study guide from the Digital PR Academy and learn the basics of creating and relaying brilliant brand stories. The guide covers:

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  • How to relay your brand story
  • And key terms you should know