The state of PR

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The state of public relations and communications

Study on digital PR

A comprehensive study on public relations done by  Mynewsdesk and Berghs School of Communication. Over 2,500 communicators gave insights on their challenges, and how they see the industry developing.

Key takeaways from the PR survey

The research covers:

  • Current challenges facing modern communicators.
  • Critical measurements and metrics used by PR pros.
  • How to develop a digital PR strategy.

Major challenges for public relations

  • 36% of communicators say their efforts in PR are effective.
  • Consumers avoid advertising with ad-blockers, streaming TV and music services, and other apps.
  • 6 of 10 are starting to make PR a process, or are struggling to create a cohesive strategy.

The greatest challenges for PR

  • 62% lack resources.
  • 59% lack time to try new strategies and technologies.
  • 58% find it hard to find the right measures and metrics to evaluate their work.
  • 51% have limited internal skills and competencies.

How effective do you consider your PR?

  • 10% highly effective
  • 26% very effective
  • 40% moderately effective
  • 19% slightly effective
  • 5%  not effective

Do you have a documented PR strategy?

63% of effective PR pros say ‘yes’ whereas 80% of ineffective PR pros say ‘no’.