How to use data to measure your PR efforts

How do you measure your public relations?

Understanding your objectives will drive what metrics you choose to follow because there are many different ways of measuring. For example,  are you most focused on:

  • Building awareness
  • Raising engagement
  • Making customers repeat customers
  • Creating a network of brand advocates
  • Lead generation

What metrics matter? Keep in mind that there is no rulebook. Look at ten organizations, and you’ll likely find they measure in 10 different ways.

In this guide, you’ll see some of the most commonly used metrics and learn more about how to use and measure data.

Interrogate your metrics

Merely creating a dashboard and looking at the numbers week after week isn’t enough. You’ll also want to interrogate the data. Why did more traffic come from Facebook this month? Which promotional channels are most effective? Did the new headline-writing tactics pay dividends? It’s crucial to have an inquisitive outlook to ensure your studies aren’t always backward-facing, but looking at how past results may affect future performance.

How do I set realistic benchmarks?

Pure and simple: Investigation. Take a tally of your competitors’ accomplishments. Look at what your previous campaigns have garnered. Then look at industry benchmarks.

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