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Mynewsdesk helps journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and others tap directly into an independent flow of company information. This free, one-of-a-kind service lets you connect with more than 10,000 companies who publish press information in your field of interest – on your own terms.


Find intriguing source material

Ever worry about missing a good story? Not in the PR spam you receive from distribution services. Rather, a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered? Because we handle 10,000 registered companies in different sectors and geographic regions, we expose you to a flow of story ideas you might otherwise have missed. So whether you’re a freelancer, blogger or staff writer, you can scan the millions of press photos we’ve published. There’s certain to be an appealing story angle for you – whether you’re with a major daily or niche trade magazine.

Stay updated. Stay ahead.

As you know, success today is all about speed, timing and relevant knowledge. Whether you’re a journalist, a blogger or an influencer, you need to stay current in your field of interest. At Mynewsdesk, we provide a steady stream of up-to-the-minute stories – in just your area. With tens of thousands of companies and organizations adding news all the time, you’re always a step ahead.

Save time and money

Research and interviews are time consuming. Even with search engines like Google at your fingertips, you still need to hunt for information on hundreds of websites. Getting phone numbers and tracking down photos can also take time, especially if you need to clear photo rights. So it’s a relief to have Mynewsdesk as a reliable and convenient source for news releases, contact people, phone numbers, free images, videos and more – all available for immediate, unrestricted use, for editorial desks and media.

Put us to work – on your terms.

Whether you prefer daily updates via email, RSS feeds or would rather view them at your own convenience, you decide! You can customise the frequency and content of these alerts – daily, weekly or whatever. The beauty of Mynewsdesk is that we work on your terms. Maybe that’s why more than 10,000 journalists and 5,000 editors are already taking advantage of our services via email or RSS.