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Who says sales tools can’t be inspiring?

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Who says sales tools can’t be inspiring?

Inspiration. It’s a key word in the cosmetics industry where brands compete to delight consumers with magical unboxing experiences. But how do you create inspirational sales tools for the people who actually sell packaging materials to these discerning buyers? To help spark a dialogue and hint at new possibilities, Iggesund Paperboard teamed up with Open to create experiential sales tools and global communication around its flagship Invercote brand.

The new tools are part of a larger strategy to highlight the emotional benefits of brand storytelling in the cosmetics packaging industry, and to support the global sales teams in selling their market-leading Invercote paperboard. The idea was to address a number of crucial technical challenges – whiteness, color reproduction, shape, special finishing effects, etc. – and encourage salespeople and their customers to touch, feel and discuss their way towards inspiring new solutions.

Holistic brand experience – physical and digital
The sales kit box, which is supported by web content, films and social-media marketing, is part of a campaign running under the theme “Your final touch is someone’s first.” This message recognizes the idea that brand owners care about their brand stories and often spend a lot of time and energy on the inner primary packaging (e.g. a bottle) but may tend to neglect the outer packaging. It’s a gentle yet evocative reminder of the power of high-performing Invercote® to enable “wow” brand experiences.

The campaign is ongoing and was first introduced in Europe at a specially designed trade booth at Luxe Pack Trade Show in Monaco. Initial results are very positive. Read the full case story on 




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