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SLU Invests in Extension Lecturers

SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) has appointed its the first eleven (of totally eighteen) Senior Research Lecturers–Extension Specialists. The eleven are all lecturers in their scientific fields, but now also have extension tasks.

“This is a unique venture where cooperation is in focus”, says Johan Schnürer, assistant vice-chancellor for cooperation at SLU. “The extension specialists are active in research and have a base in science. But they are also chosen for their abilities to develop a dialogue with the surrounding society.”

SLU actively invests in developing cooperation with the surrounding society. The ambition is to both be of benefit to the development of knowledge among SLU´s stakeholders as well as society at large. The lecturers will also function as ambassadors of SLU externally and they have knowledge and an interest in SLU´s activities within the field of biological natural resources.

Senior research lecturers – extension specialists at SLU:
• Bengt Persson, landscape planning
• Anders Herlin, building functions
• Anna Schnürer, bioenergy
• Jens Sundström, biotechnology
• Johan Arvidsson, soil physics
• Åse Sternesjö, food quality
• Lars Andersson, plant production
• Lars Edenius, wildlife ecology, esp. hoof animals
• Johan Bergh, forest management and climate effect restrictions
• Sofia Boqvist, food safety and risk analysis
• Magdalena Jacobsson, livestock diseases
Seven more lecturers will be appointed later this spring.

For more information:
Assistant Vice-Chancellor Johan Schnürer, johan.schnurer@slu.se, ph. +46-708-15 19 78




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