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Tengai Announces Innovation Program Together With SEB

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Tengai Announces Innovation Program Together With SEB

In the spring of 2023, Tengai will release a new interactive avatar to the market and simultaneously announce a new innovation program with their client, the Swedish bank SEB. The program's aim is to get valuable input into user experience and allow clients to engage with the new avatar before it is released to the public.

STOCKHOLM, January 31, 2023 - Swedish bank SEB is joining the Tengai Innovation Program and becoming one of the first companies in the world to try Tengai’s new interview avatar. This will help SEB increase efficiency, engage more candidates, and counter potential bias in its recruitment processes.

One of the biggest recruitment challenges for any company is to screen candidates in an efficient and engaging way. With Tengai’s AI technology, SEB can automate the screening phase so recruiters no longer have to coordinate busy schedules, or manually screen every applicant. This makes the recruitment process faster and more cost-effective while providing results that are of higher quality.

While efficiency is key to a successful hiring process at SEB, it will not be at the cost of the candidate's experience, says Sam Joukhadar, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at SEB.

He continues: “With the use of Tengai, we can make sure every candidate gets a unique and personalized experience when applying for a job at SEB. At the same time, having a data-driven approach to recruitment will help us take the next step towards unbiased recruitment and promote inclusion and diversity in our workforce – something we have focused on for many years. The program also allows us to provide Tengai with input to product development, which will be beneficial to both parties.”

Tengai AB is launching the human-like avatar on April 3rd, 2023. Developed to engage applicants, automate the screening phase, and assist HR professionals with structured data and automated conversations. The new version of Tengai is upgraded with a better Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a new user interface, a candidate friendly-app, new analytics, a new voice, and multiple screening modules. The Tengai behavior science framework has been validated by psychometric experts and is proven to make the recruitment process more objective. What makes the Tengai avatar unique is the engaging human-like conversation, the personalized feedback every candidate receives, and the mitigation of recruiter bias in the hiring process.

“It’s great to see players such as SEB take a leading role in changing how we recruit in the future, using AI technology to efficiently screen and talk to thousands of applicants simultaneously. SEB is already at the forefront of recruiting and by entering the innovation program they can further enhance their position as innovators in this field by giving valuable input into product development from the user perspective”, says Tengai founder and CEO Elin Öberg Mårtenzon.

To sign up for the waiting list and become one of the first organizations to use the new Tengai avatar, go to

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Tengai AB is a Stockholm-based HR Tech startup that is combining AI and an unbiased recruitment methodology in the world’s first human-like interview avatar, Tengai.

The interactive AI interview is enhancing the assessment process, contributes to higher candidate engagement, and assists HR professionals in making objective hiring decisions. The framework is validated by psychometric experts to create to a more objective screening process without any human interference.


Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO +46 709 379 645
Debora Hermele

Debora Hermele

Press contact Marketing Specialist +46 722 636 407

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