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Swedish Municipality Uses AI To Objectively Select and Engage Candidates In Recruitment

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Swedish Municipality Uses AI To Objectively Select and Engage Candidates In Recruitment

Nacka municipality is using Tengai’s new AI avatar to become more unbiased and engage candidates in important recruitment processes. With a tight labor market and economic uncertainty on the horizon, the municipality is adjusting to evolving expectations in a changing workforce and offering job seekers the flexibility of having a digital screening interview.

STOCKHOLM, January 31, 2023 - In 2022, Nacka municipality, located in Stockholm County, started implementing Tengai’s AI avatar to assess and effectively engage more candidates in recruitment processes. So far, the response has been positive and Tengai has contributed to a more accurate and unbiased recruitment process e.g. for the leadership academy and other management roles within the municipality.

The new version of the Tengai avatar is fully automated and developed to conduct digital pre-screening interviews. The new avatar has a new look, an updated voice, and an enhanced Natura Language Understanding (NLU). The latest version of Tengai meets strict compliance regulations and enhances the candidate experience by delivering personalized feedback to every candidate.

Accurate public sector hiring

Starting in November of 2022, Nacka municipality implements automated AI interviews to increase efficiency within the organization and create a more engaging and unbiased recruitment process that attracts competent candidates. By using AI interviews, the municipality can ensure high-quality candidates and give every job seeker a chance to add more information to their application. Tengai makes it possible to speed up recruitment processes since the AI has the capacity to conduct more interviews compared to a human recruiter. The avatar also contributes to data-driven candidate assessments that support better hiring decisions.

"To become one of Sweden's best employers, we have to start by attracting the best talents and getting them to continue looking for a job at Nacka even though they didn't get the job. With Tengai, we at Nacka municipality can attract and engage candidates and at the same time become more unbiased and accurate.", Says Linus Holmgren, who is the Employer Branding Manager for the HR staff at Nacka municipality.

He continues: "Candidates' experience that the interview with Tengai felt natural and personal and that it wasn't like sitting in front of a doll, but it was something they interacted with. Which is very, very positive.”

Today, there is a rising trend in the public sector to use more technology to ensure fair candidate selection and increase efficiency. Digitalization is not only more efficient but having analog processes makes it challenging to keep track of candidate data and follow GDPR standards. The Upplands-Bro municipality was the first to use the Tengai robot after the product launch at the beginning of 2019. It is exciting to see that so many municipalities are interested in AI, says Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO at Tengai AB,

“Municipalities are not only at the technological forefront, but they also have high requirements for compliance in general in their processes. So Tengai fits in well there since the avatar also highlights and shows the basis on which they have made their recruitment decisions."

On April 3rd, 2023, Tengai releases a new, human-like avatar for unbiased interview screening. To sign up for the waiting list and become one of the first organizations to use the new interview avatar, go to

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Next Level of Conversational AI for Recruitment

Tengai AB is a Stockholm-based HR Tech startup that is combining AI and an unbiased recruitment methodology in the world’s first human-like interview avatar, Tengai.

The interactive AI interview is enhancing the assessment process, contributes to higher candidate engagement, and assists HR professionals in making objective hiring decisions. The framework is validated by psychometric experts to create to a more objective screening process without any human interference.


Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO +46 709 379 645
Debora Hermele

Debora Hermele

Press contact Marketing Specialist +46 722 636 407

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At Tengai AB we combine behavioral science and established interview techniques with advanced conversational AI so recruiters get access to structured data and quickly can identify matches between candidates and jobs. Tengai’s AI interview contributes to higher candidate engagement and is proven to create to a more objective screening process.

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