How to measure PR with Analyze

  • Check the total views of all your published content
  • Look into which stories are the most popular
  • Discover who shares your news on social media
  • Benchmark your newsroom performance against the competition

Why and how to measure PR efforts

Analyze presents several methods to collect and interpret data, simplifying how you measure PR success. All of your most important statistics are gathered and evaluated in one place.

Analyzing your PR results has never been easier!

Interpreting PR KPIs the right way

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Gather statistics of the content you sent out to your own contact lists or Mynewsdesk’s pre-set categories. You can also view how many of your followers have received your published content.

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Track your PR KPIs and the results of your efforts through simple graphs with straightforward summaries.

Social Media

View how many likes, comments and shares your content got on social media. You can also see how readers interact with your content on different platforms and which channels they come from.


Detect which device your readers use to optimize your newsroom and content according to their preferences e.g. mobile and desktop.


Find out how your readers access your content and which web sources they come from.


Choose whether you want to receive automatic, scheduled reports sent directly to your email address, or manually create your own.


Become more data-driven by benchmarking your PR results against the local average. You can also compare against competitors within your industry and company size segment.

One tool for your entire PR workflow

With Analyze, you not only learn how to measure your PR efforts. You learn to interpret the results as well. Analyze is all you need to find out who reads your published content and opens your emails.

Everything you need in one platform!

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A simplified way to measure your PR

Download Mynewsdesk's PR Analyze template to help you get started with measuring your PR work and get the best effect.

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