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You get a hosted newsroom with no need for in-house development. Our developers are always keeping you up to date, minus the headache of not knowing your spend.

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Ensure that your messages are received. Compared to industry standards, your media outreach activity will be more successful.

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Generate real coverage. Find new journalists and audiences you never thought you had, and improve relationship with those that matter most.

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Everything is discussed online, including you, your company, and your competitors. Monitoring and listening to what people say are essential to understanding your audience. Track your reputation across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to news sites and blogs.

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"Digital has become so important for any business. If you're not tracking digital, you're dead in the water."

Sandy Postlethwayt
General Manager at DDIMM

How to reach 100 million people with PR and storytelling

The premise is simple, get the right story to the right people. Mynewsdesk helped Hövding reach 100 million people with their story, Give A Beep - a campaign which highlighted the danger spots for cyclists in London and strived to make the city a safer place.

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Mynewsdesk helped Hövding tell a great story, carry out a successful campaign and increase visits to their newsroom by 279%.

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