Analyze your PR

  • Check out total views for all your published content
  • Find out which stories are the most popular
  • Discover who's sharing your news on social media
  • Get information about who is opening your emails
  • Integrate your newsroom with Google Analytics

Use Analyze to measure your PR efforts

Learn about your target audience and how they interact with your blog posts, news stories or press releases. Get a summary that shows some of your most important statistics in a simple and straightforward way. Understand the specifics for your total views with a simple graph. You can also get an overview of what device your visitors have used, average page views per person and how much time they spent in your newsroom.
Analyzing your PR results has never been easier!

Measure your PR in a few steps


Get an overview of your PR efforts with simple graphs and straightforward summaries. This makes it a lot easier to measure your published content.


Gather statistics of your distributed content you sent out to your own contact lists or Mynewsdesk’s pre-set categories. You can also view how many of your followers have received your published content.

Social Media

View how many likes, comments and shares your content got on social media. You can also see how people interact with your content on different platforms and which channels your readers are coming from.


Find out what device your readers are using and optimize your newsroom, and content, according to your readers preferred device (e.g. mobile).


You’ll find out how your readers accessed your content in Views and what web sources your readers are coming from.


Choose whether you want to receive automatic, scheduled reports sent directly to your email address, or manually create your own.

One tool for your entire PR workflow

By using Analyze to measure your PR, you no longer need to involve an external analyzing tool to find out who is reading your published content. When you use Analyze, as part of your PR workflow, you will get a better understanding of the different ways you can communicate and how impactful your content is.

Everything you need in one platform!

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