Crafting a digital PR startegy

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Crafting a digital PR strategy

What makes an effective PR professional?

Communicators who succeed in PR operate from a strong foundation. As our survey reveals, thriving professionals are more likely to tie their PR strategy to their organization’s overall business strategy. Of those who consider themselves very effective in PR, almost two-thirds (63.19%) have a documented strategy. And this group is more likely to revisit and update that strategy, which is particularly important in this rapidly evolving tech world. In contrast, of those professionals who say they are ineffective in PR, more than eight in 10 don’t have a documented PR strategy.

If you document your PR strategy and align it with your company’s business goals, your PR is better positioned for across-the-board success. A documented plan can help you secure financial and intellectual buy-in from executives and your own PR team. When they read a well-thought-out strategy, they can better understand the why, what and how of your PR program, and execute it more efficiently. Most importantly, they can know what success looks like. And when you have the data to show your digital PR strategy is effective, you have the business case to secure more funding for PR in the long term.

How to craft a PR strategy

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of creating an effective digital PR strategy. Start small: it doesn’t need to tackle every possible opportunity at your company. If you make it realistic and manageable, you’re more likely to achieve success on which to build and grow the strategy. Besides, the process for developing a strategy is the same no matter the size of the initiative. Once you’ve done it successfully, you can simply repeat the process.

But before you think PR strategy, think about business strategy. Identify your company’s business objectives and goals. Executives usually don’t see merit in supporting a program unless it positively contributes to what the company seeks to achieve.

The steps in creating your strategy are:

  • Define the audience
  • Determine the goals
  • Detail key topics and messaging
  • Make a distribution plan
  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Establish a measurement process