How Mynewsdesk significantly improved MiniTool’s online visibility


The software development company MiniTool wanted to improve its visibility and reach out to more potential customers. The new multi-channel strategy included investing in a PR plattform, creating a newsroom, improving SEO and organic visibility. Teaming up with Mynewsdesk turned out to be a brilliant idea. In addition to the platform’s ability to publish and distribute content, the newsroom added unprecedented value.

MiniTool offers complete business software solutions in the areas of data recovery, partition management, data backup and recovery. They created high-quality content on popular topics in hopes of gaining higher brand recognition. Their clear goal was to grow their traffic and increase visibility on the web. Despite this, they didn’t get all the way there; half of their content never got the visibility it deserved. Despite sharing their content on popular platforms, writing an own blog and bookmarking their site, the company failed to cut through the noise. 

We tried hard to get an increase in exposure and visibility by creating high-quality content. But we couldn’t compete for certain keywords, says Rodin Luo, Editorial Department Manager at MiniTool

Minitool decided to test whether Mynewsdesk’s PR platform could be the solution. Suddenly they had a platform that allowed them to get reach and build awareness.They moved their blog into the newsroom and started regularly publishing content. It was clearly a turning point. 

The data we get from the Mynewsdesk platform is very helpful to see how the content performs and what the audience really wants to read. From this we have been able to create more high-quality content and also build a loyal following, says Rodin Luo.

It did not only increase the reach of their PR & communications. The boost of Mynewsdesk’s high Domain Rating and Domain Authority (one of the highest in Europe) gave the brand visibility a welcome addition. As a result, they have managed to grow their business exponentially ever since. 

Our own rating was not strong enough, and now our company ranks for over 76,000 competitive keywords thanks to this platform. It’s been a game changer for sure, says Rodin Luo.

Why is Mynewsdesk good for SEO?

Mynewsdesk is a well trusted source of news and knowledge and enjoys a very high Domain Rating – which in return gives the newsrooms the opportunity to rank high for competitive keywords with high search volumes. That would be impossible from your own company’s website. This strategy is an effective way to lead users from your newsroom and send the traffic to your own site. And MiniTool has been very successful in their endeavour. The traffic to their German site has increased immensely thanks to their newsroom and has taken top positions on Google first page of search results. 

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MiniTool Solution Ltd., founded in 2009, is a software development company based in Canada. They provide customers with complete business software solutions in the data recovery and partition management industry. Their affiliates and resellers all over the world deliver high quality software to satisfy their customers.

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– Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub.

Jacqueline Casini, Lufthansa Cargo
Lotta Anestedt_Destination Lofsdalen

– Mynewsdesk’s platform is so easy to use that you’re able to publish at a high rate. I can also be more effective now that I do a lot myself; sometimes I get an idea and publish a press release the same day as I thought of it.

Lotta Anestedt, Lofsdalen

– Every week we have editorial meetings where we go through the publication schedule and the results of the latest publications. We use these insights to focus more on the things that engage people and produce less of everything that doesn’t.

Anders Sten Nessem, Bergans

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