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Unbiased interviewer Tengai now available in English

Fully automated and unbiased job-interview robot Tengai is now released in English

The unbiased interview robot Tengai is now available in English, giving HR-managers and recruiters all over the world the possibility to perform automatic unbiased interviews. The new release has been scientifically validated, has automated personality scoring as well as an interview analytics scoring system - which gives a deeper insight of jobseekers profiles - without human interference.

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News! Fully automated and unbiased job-interview robot Tengai is now released in English. #interview #hrtech #robot…

We agree - it's a unique experience. Read more about candidate experience with Tengai here:…

Gender bias - Study shows how #gender affects the selection of candidates for a job - women are judged against more…

Press contacts

Charlotte Ulvros

Charlotte Ulvros

Press contact Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Tengai AB +46 709 828 475

The World's First Unbiased Social Job Interview Robot

Tengai is a social job interview robot that performs unbiased, structured, competency-based interviews with anonymous candidates, focusing on soft-skills and personality traits.

The robot has been developed by TNG, a Swedish recruitment and staffing agency specializing in unbiased recruitment, and Furhat Robotics, pioneers within social robotics. The product merry together TNG's unbiased and reversed recruitment methodology, that the company has developed over the past 15 years, with Furhat's state of the art software platform and OS. Today, Tengai AB and Furhat Robotics continue the partnership to develop the next generation of unbiased interview tools.

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