Mastering brand journalism

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Mastering brand journalism

Many companies say they want to hire journalists. Why? Because they are experienced storytellers, journalists can help brands boost the quality of their content.

Mynewsdesk’s survey of over 3,000 journalists and communicators shows, however, that making the transition from independent media to brand journalism could be a tough one.

What journalists need to succeed with brand journalism

In our report, you will find out more about journalists’ attitudes about working on behalf of brands. Moreover, you will find out which steps you can take to reduce barriers and increase the chance of a happy union.

The ebook covers:

  • Shifting opportunities in journalism
  • Why brands should hire journalists
  • Why journalists need more info about brand journalism
  • How organizations can make brand journalism more attractive

Attracting journalists

Many journalists just aren’t aware of the opportunity for rigorous, creative storytelling that is necessary within brands. And for PR professionals, these findings should be a call to action to help journalists understand the opportunities that exist. Also, it should help organizations to create a work environment where ex-journalists could thrive.

Just as media companies are proud of their editorial excellence and journalistic ethics, many companies are also proud of their corporate cultures and values. For those organizations that have defined values, and are inspired by something bigger, hiring talented journalists will elevate their storytelling efforts.

In summary, the challenge is to help journalists understand—and build on—their aspirations. To learn more, read our ebook “Make brand journalism more attractive.”