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While Arla Foods rapidly garners over 1 million views on TikTok, Starbucks suffers from a notable PR misstep. Here are the latest in PR and marketing news, freshly curated in the latest edition of Headlines, our PR newsletter. Haven’t subscribed yet? Join the list.


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“We Aimed to be Bold”: Arla Foods’ Recipe for Quickly Reaching Over 1 Million Views on TikTok

At TikTok’s recent For You Summit Nordics 2024, Arla Foods showcased the impressive success of its latest campaign focused on reducing food waste and boosting brand visibility.

By partnering with four TikTok creators, Arla’s message reached 60% of TikTok users aged 18-34, achieving an average ad viewing time of 60 seconds.

Watch the keynote or browse the summit recap

Starbucks ‘PR Mistake’ Sparks International Coverage

Starbucks faced a challenging start to the year with a 12% drop in stock price and a 4% decline in sales. The CEO partially attributed these declines to customers canceling their orders, a statement that has sparked widespread international media coverage.

Critics accuse Starbucks of blaming customers for its shortcomings, leading to a surge of customer frustration voiced on social media.

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Public Transport Company Targets Dads in New Campaign

“Dads are great. However, they don’t always travel sustainably.” This is the tagline of the new campaign “Every Dad Counts” (#varjepapparaknas) launched by a Swedish public transport company.

The campaign targets families and specifically encourages dads, or middle-aged men, to adopt more sustainable travel habits by choosing public transport over cars.

Watch campaign video


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Lenny’s Podcast: The Ultimate Guide To PR featuring Emelie Gerber

Emelie Gerber, founder of Six Eastern, shares new strategies for pitching to traditional press, steering clear of the usual buzzwords.

Length: 1 hr 34 min.


TED Talk: It’s Not Manipulation, It’s Strategic Communication

Finding the common denominator is crucial in business, relationships, and PR. Keisha Brewer, CEO of the PR Alliance, shares her formula for successful pitching in all areas of life.

Length: 11 min.


Spin Sucks blog: How to Use AI in PR to Amplify Your Strategy

Straight to the point on the benefits of using AI for PR professionals and how to integrate it into a typical workday. By Whitney Deterding, Marketing Manager at CoSchedule.

Reading time: 10 min.

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