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Lead Supply A/S, one of the leading Fintech companies in Europe, launches LoanScouter

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Lead Supply A/S, one of the leading Fintech companies in Europe, launches LoanScouter

LoanScouter is a new and innovative tool to compare financial products in the loan market. Their aim is to focus on financial solutions enabling the consumers to find the most suitable loan for them. Their calculations are based on accurate data from online lenders and banks across all the markets, showing all the important information the consumer needs to decide on the best solution.

LoanScouter aims to become the most popular choice among consumers as we show all our data and financial comparisons in a simple and understandable approach. Henceforth, this new launch is an important step for Lead Supply A/S to support consumers along their journey to find suitable personal loans, and to deliver on LoanScouter’s purpose to “Make personal financing as easy and accessible for consumers as possible”.

CEO and co-founder, Andreas Linde, had this to say about the new launch:

“Investing in capturing the full potential of our market is a key pillar of the strategy. Lead Supply A/S is a strong brand in the Scandinavian market for consumer finance and this new launch fits perfectly with our overall strategy. With LoanScouter, we will see important operational synergies which will allow us to target new potential revenue”.

Why consumers should choose LoanScouter as their personal comparison tool?

  • Transparent comparison: LoanScouter compares loans with updated and accurate data, believing in full transparency.
  • Reliable providers: LoanScouter’s loan selection is 100% trustworthy as they work with experienced providers.
  • Non-binding service: With LoanScouter, you can come and go whenever you want. There is no need to sign up nor commit to anything at all.
  • Free of charge: LoanScouter offer a free service for the consumers. Their profit comes from their partnership with loan providers and banks, not from their consumers.

Finding a loan in the online loan market is difficult as the competition among providers increases day by day, making the market confusing. LoanScouter knows it and agrees on it doesn’t have to be this hard.

In their list of loans, you will find this information:

  • Loan amount
  • Duration time
  • Interest rates and APR
  • Estimated payout time
  • Specific requirements for getting approved
  • Advantages and disadvantages

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Lead Supply A/S is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and was founded in 2014 by Andreas Linde (CEO) and Stefan Vinding Olesen (CPO). Since the very beginning, Lead Supply has expanded rapidly and is now operating in multiple countries around the world, helping consumers find the best possible loan.

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