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Nordic Digital PR Awards - Here are the finalists!

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Nordic Digital PR Awards - Here are the finalists!

It’s time to announce the Nordic Digital PR Awards finalists! After reviewing over 150 applications, the internal jury is now ready to present the strong field of communicators in this year’s competition

What is great communication? In today’s turbulent times communication is the glue holding companies and countries together. Mynewsdesk wants to honor excellence in PR and communication with Digital PR Awards. For more than 10 years the competition has been the hallmark of Mynewsdesk and now more than ever, we are proud to highlight the shining stars of the industry.
The winners in the five categories are recognised for their creativity and hard work and for understanding the importance of working with PR. The winners will be announced on March 17.

All time high engagement
The internal jury at Mynewsdesk is now ready to present the finalists. Engagement and reach have been the basis for the assessment during the jury's work. The finalists are based on more than 150 entries from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

“The engagement from customers and colleagues at Mynewsdesk has been sky-high! After the tumultuous year of 2020 we see an extra special need to celebrate and praise each other for creating creative and important communication and PR,” says Anna Wemming, Head of Marketing Communications and Brand at Mynewsdesk and part of the expert jury.

Mynewsdesk has 5000 customers using the platform every day. Through the data we have, we can identify which stories that achieved the widest reach and highest engagement during 2020. This data will be used by the expert jury in combination with a thorough evaluation in order to determine the final winners.

We are proud to present this year’s panel of experts:

Pia Grahn, Project leader special project, Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer KOMM, Sweden
Christina Bech Winckler, Managing Director at Kforum, Denmark
Hans-Petter Nygaard-Hansen, Communications advisor and content creator, Norway
Anna Wemming, Head of Marketing Communications and Brand, Mynewsdesk

The winners of Nordic Digital PR Awards will be announced on March 17.

Here are the finalists:

Newsroom of the Year Sweden
Destination Lofsdalen
Ellevio AB
Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap
Nordiska Museet

Newsroom of the Year Denmark
Circle K Danmark
Danmark Rejsebureau Forening
Falck DK
Verdens Skove

Newsroom of the Year Norway
Fjord Norge
Hyundai Motor Norge
Posten Norge

Digital Storyteller
Linde Gas AB
TYA - Transportfackens Yrkes- och Arbetsmiljönämnd
Finja Betong

Shooting Star
EYD AS /Safespot
Nykredit Mægler
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Too Good To Go

Most Successful Story
Kia Motors Sweden AB
Statens Jordbruksverk
SkiStar AB

PR Personality of the Year
Anders Thorén - Löfbergs
Anna Fägersten - Ferroamp
Karin Bäcklund & Johanna Snickars - Alight
Lene Dahlquist - Ford Danmark
Tanja Askrabic - Happy Tammsvik
Matilda Adelborg - Blocket

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