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Nordic Digital PR Awards: The creative winners of 2020!

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Nordic Digital PR Awards: The creative winners of 2020!

Creativity, a surge in visual content and new concepts. Something good came out of the strangeness of 2020 and we could enjoy a lot of creative and effective PR. Mynewsdesk wants to celebrate great PR by recognising and celebrating the best Nordic communicators, and proudly present the seven winners of Nordic Digital PR Awards.

For more than ten years, Mynewsdesk has been recognising its customers for their PR and communication work through the Digital PR Awards. Through the years, we have had the honor to celebrate winners like Löfbergs, Norwegian, IKEA and Grant Thornton.

After going through more than 150 entries from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the expert jury has chosen the winners in seven categories. The deliberation and final decisions by the jury were supported by available data from Mynewsdesk’s platform to analyze and evaluate the finalists creativity, performance, engagement and reach during 2020.

Visual communication
In this year's competition, we saw an increase in the use of visual storytelling through creative images and videos. Jury member Pia Grahn, Project leader special project at Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer KOMM in Sweden, points out that this is a positive outcome of a strange year:
“Inspiring visual content is a contributing factor to successful communication which I see as a clear consequence of 2020. Several of the winners work within industries that have been highly affected. Despite that, they have handled the situation with grace and kept people dreaming about the future by providing inspiring images and communication.”

Yearning to travel
It is clear that people all over the world are yearning for normality and being able to travel and visit loved ones. This is reflected in the categories “Newsroom of the Year Sweden” and “Newsroom of the Year Norway” where both winners are travel destinations. 

Jury member Hans-Petter Nygaard-Hansen, Communications advisor, YouTuber & podcast host from Norway says:
“Due to the pandemic, the travel industry has been forced to step up the game when it comes to visual storytelling, to stay top of mind amongst their audience. These efforts will most certainly pay off once we are allowed to travel again."

Change is coming
It’s no surprise that one specific topic dominated the highest ranking stories with the best reach. COVID-19 was on everybody’s lips in 2020 and that was also very visible among the finalists. All seven winners touch upon the pandemic, but none of them dwells on it - and that’s the mark of really great communication, says Christina Bech Winckler, managing director of Kommunikationsforum in Denmark.
‘When reviewing the entries I saw a lot of creative communicators who were able to put the corona chock behind them and be more like Pippi Longstocking by coming up with new ways to play around with concepts and opportunities. There is a change coming, and a lot of people in the industry show courage by sticking to their own agenda despite the world’s eyes being set on news about the pandemic. I hope to see more of that in 2021.”

We proudly present the seven winners of the Nordic Digital PR Awards:

Newsroom of the Year Sweden
Winner: Destination Lofsdalen
Motivation: With a perfect mix of high qualitative inspirational visual content and engaging text, Destination Lofsdalen promotes a dreamy lifestyle. They make use of and benefit from the different functions in their newsroom. Lofsdalen’s content on their added social media channels adds to the visionary vibe and makes their newsroom more living. This is travel PR at it’s best - a perfect hub filled with great content that makes you want to move to Lofsdalen!
Finalists: Ellevio AB, Fasadgruppen, Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, Nordiska Museet, SkandiaMäklarna

Newsroom of the Year Norway
Winner: Fjord Norge AS
Motivation: Fjord Norge works like no other when it comes to producing inspiring content. The magic with Western Norway definitely shines through in their colorful visual content, and makes it hard not to want to give Western Norway a visit straight away. Their stories are adjusted to the current situation but still manages to make an impression on all target groups. By easily accessed content, all in one place, Fjord Norge has created a newsroom where you just want to stay around and read more and more!
Finalists: Ruter, Multiconsult, Posten Norge, Hyundai Motor Norge, Telenor

Newsroom of the Year Denmark
Winner: Cabi
Motivation: Cabi takes lead in using all the opportunities they are given in their newsroom. They tap into a bigger agenda through inspiring fact-based stories and spread the word about social and sustainable responsibilities with ease, enthusiasm and no raised fingers – just bringing light to new ideas and opportunities! Cabi is a role model when it comes to connecting small stories into bigger narratives and their storytelling puts a greater hope for equality and CSR-mindset throughout the society.
Finalists: Circle K Danmark, Danmark Rejsebureau Forening, Energistyrelsen, Falck DK, Verdens Skove

Digital Storyteller
Winner: Bergans of Norway
Motivation: By having a clear strategy for their newsroom, Bergans of Norway has stepped out of the classic “news thinking way” and found content through different approaches. This has resulted in a digital storytelling filled with inspiring, learnful as well as insightful content that smoothly maneuvers between different topics without losing the red thread. They work smart with diversity and regularity to playfully break through the noise to target their audience. Bergans of Norway shows with their content that they truly are storytelling professionals!
Finalists: Blocket, Linde, TYA - Transportfackens Yrkes- och Arbetsmiljönämnd, Finja Betong, VA SYD

Shooting Star
Winner: Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Motivation: This new member of the Mynewsdesk-family has done their homework! They have adapted well to the new covid-19 reality and are presenting their innovative initiatives for people to still enjoy art even though the museum is closed. In an artistic, but still traditional way, they deliver inspiring, creative, informative content that gives a lot of traffic. Well done Kunsthal Charlottenborg!
Finalists: EYD AS/Safespot,, Nykredit Mægler, Too Good To Go, Gymleco

Most Successful Story
Winner: Tillväxtverket “Förslag till ändringar gällande korttidsarbete”
Motivation: The press release “Förslag till ändringar gällande korttidsarbete” by Tillväxtverket played an important role in the communication about the Swedish government law changes regarding short-time work due to Covid-19. This press release is written by the book with clear and straightforward important information, which is shown by the wide reach and the engagement in the media.
Finalists: Kia Motors Sweden AB, Statens Jordbruksverk, Telia, SkiStar AB, Norwegian

PR Personality of the Year
Winner: Matilda Adelborg, Blocket
Motivation: There is no doubt that Blocket is back in the spotlight again, and for that, they have to thank Matilda Adelborg. By using her expertise within PR, Matilda has not only become a spokesperson for Blocket, she has also gotten Blocket and their main message highlighted in the media through new approaches. Matilda has succeeded with all of this within less than a year. Matildas work has definitely made Blocket top of mind again, and we’re all back to reusing thanks to that!
Finalists: Anders Thorén - Löfbergs, Anna Fägersten - Ferroamp, Karin Bäcklund & Johanna Snickars - Alight, Lene Dahlquist - Ford Danmark, Tanja Askrabic - Happy Tammsvik

Stay tuned for more inspiring content from Digital PR Awards in Mynewsdesk’s newsroom in the coming weeks.

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