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Electrolux and Volontaire to share secrets of “experiential marketing” on The Cube project at IAA Sweden event, Open Communications announces.

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Electrolux and Volontaire to share secrets of “experiential marketing” on The Cube project at IAA Sweden event, Open Communications announces.

Digital and mobile marketing may be all the rage these days, but many global marketers are still finding it difficult to offer deeper brand experiences to customers over digital devices. As the music industry has discovered, few channels can match the intimacy and authenticity of a live concert shared with like-minded fans. In fact, the value of the “live experience” has increased in today’s digitized society. So it’s not surprising that brands like Electrolux, Ericsson, Wavin, Sandvik, Nike and Absolut are increasingly turning to “experiential marketing” to engage and inspire key customer groups.

More than just “event marketing”
While it might sound like just another fancy term for “event marketing”, experts say that experiential marketing is different. More than just a one-off event with a clever moderator and some live entertainment, it involves a more holistic and strategic approach to brand storytelling. To be sure, interactive and social platforms are still vital – before, during and after the activity – but they tend to play a more supportive role and are mainly intended to create word-of-mouth buzz. Crucially, the venue must be inspiring, creating an environment where customers can engage, interact and compare a company’s products and services in sensory ways.


Electrolux launches The Cube
One excellent example of this is The Cube, a unique “mobile” dining concept created by Electrolux to celebrate 90 years in the kitchen. This gourmet “pop up” restaurant (actually there were two identical structures up and running in parallel cities) is currently being mounted on cultural icons in 17 European cities, where new top chefs cook for a selected group of 20 people. Instead of just bragging about being in the business for 90 years, Electrolux decided to do something more surprising. While the idea of staging “pop-up" restaurants in galleries, apartments or outdoor markets is a known trend, creating a structured unit that's specifically designed for travel and gives eaters a view never dreamed possible, is really different.

Last summer, The Cube was installed atop the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, having earlier graced Les Arcades du Cinquantenaire in Brussels and The Royal Festival Hall in London. The chefs have included such culinary luminaries as Mathias Dahlgren (Sweden), Simon Rogan (UK), Nicola Portinari (Italy), Tom Kerridge (UK), Johan Jureskog (Sweden), Magnus Ek (Sweden), Stefan Catenacci (Sweden) and Klas Lindberg, who was Swedish Chef of the Year in 2012.

Details of the March 6th event
The story behind The Cube will be shared by Tom Astin, PR Manager Electrolux Europe, at an IAA Sweden event to be held on March 6th at MEC Sweden, Birger Jarlsgatan 50 at 18:00. Tom will share his insights into why experiential marketing is gaining popularity at Electrolux and other brands. He will be providing some do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning high-impact events as well as proven tactics. As IAA Board Members, Open Communications has the pleasure to invite interested parties. The seminar is free for the press but costs SEK 350 for non-IAA members.

Philip Ahlqwist, Co-Founder of Volontaire, to head panel
Kicking off the panel discussion will be Philip Ahlqwist, co-founder and creative director of the innovative Stockholm-based agency called Volontaire, which won the 2012 Grand Prix at Cannes for their “Curators of Sweden” campaign for the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden. Philip is no newcomer to creating game-changing concepts that attract attention and drive sales by becoming part of people’s everyday lives rather than mere interruptions. Experiential marketing is certainly a big part of this growing trend.

“We are delighted to have two top-level speakers presenting at this international event,” says David Gray, Founder and Creative Director of Open Communications, an international brand communications firm. “Events like The Cube make a statement, deliver immediate impact and capture the customer’s imagination. They build closer ties with customers than what is typically possible through traditional tactics like TV spots or trade shows.” He notes that Open has been active in supporting brands like Ericsson, Sandvik and Wavin, the world’s largest piping company, with creative concepts and content for events in Asia and Europe.

Five tips for to engage and inspire
So what are some of the key things to remember for experiential marketing? Based on its own experience, Open suggests the following:

1. Location is everything – make it inspiring and memorable!
2. Engage the senses of customers – let them see it, taste it, feel it.
3. Tell a consistent brand story that’s relevant to your product or company.
4. Use the power of innovative design, art, architecture or technology.
5. Leverage digital and social channels – before during and after the event.

We look forward to seeing you at this IAA Sweden event and hearing your own opinions on this topic.


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Open Communications is an award-winning brand communications agency that specializes in telling stories for global business-to-business brands across a wide range of channels. The company strives to combine Scandinavian design values with English storytelling, always adding an emotional touch. Clients include Ericsson, Sandvik, Wavin, Transmode, H&M, IKEA, Skanska and Electrolux. Together with its partners, Open has won more than 100 international awards including Guldägg, a Silver CyberLion, Epica, Clio and more. 

DAVID GRAY is the American-born Founder, Owner and Creative Director of OPEN, with experience working on such brands as Absolut, IKEA, H&M, Bentley, Ericsson, Virgin and Electrolux. 


David Gray

David Gray

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Gunilla Lundström

Press contact Business Director / Head of Open CEO, Account Director and Managing Partner + 46 70 29 27 114

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